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2018 Beverage Trends: Drinks—As Delivery Agents

The 2018 beverage trends report takes a look at influential macro-trends and how they're impacting beverage categories.

Bundaberg, Pepsico Announce Distribution Partnership

Outselling the market leader by nearly three times per point of distribution, Bundaberg has set its sights on accelerated US sales through th

Rethink Water Organic Flavored Water for Kids

RETHINK Brands first aimed to disrupt the bottled water category with its 2016 introduction of RETHINK Water, focused on eliminating the 40 b

Fluid Observations: Beverage Trends for Product Developers

The most common functions included immune support, increased energy, enhanced beauty, detox and improved cognition. Examples include a range

Shaka Tea

The rebrand features a more prominent shaka logo, unified design elements and move to an elongated, 14-ounce bottle. The rebrand supports an

Zola Organic Sparkling Energy Waters

With no added sugar, and only 10 calories per 12-ounce can, Zola's Organic Sparkling Energy Waters deliver the caffeine equivalent of 1.5 esp

DASANI Sparkling Expands Flavor Lineup

From Pomegranate Blueberry or Pear Kiwi, which provide notes of fresh fruit flavor, to Original, which offers the clean, crisp taste sparklin

NESCAFÉ Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

The concentrate comes in a 30-ounce carton (available in two-packs or 12-packs) and operators simply mix this new frozen product with water a

Dunn’s River Brands Acquires Temple Turmeric

Daniel Sullivan, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Temple, said, “It’s a very exciting opportunity and honor to partner with Dunn’s Riv

Mariani Walnutmilk

Mariani Walnutmilk is available in half-gallon cartons and in original, vanilla and unsweetened flavors. It is gluten, dairy and soy-free, no
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