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Electric Aircraft Propulsion Technology

Dr Duncan Walker talks about changes expected in aviation, including the electrification of future aircraft propulsion technologies.

Challenges for Autonomous Vehicles

Prof Wen-Hua Chen talks about autonomous vehicles and the challenges ahead. Wen-Hua considers vehicle safety and the transition to a fully autonomous

Understanding the Tyre-road Interface

Dr George Mavros talks about his research looking at the interface between tyres and the road surface. George is interested in the role played by the

Driver Behaviour Studies for Safer and More Efficient Vehicle Technologies

Professor Andrew Morris talks about driver behavior studies for safer and more efficient vehicle technologies, including his research looking at how d

What skills do you need to be an economist?

As a former deputy director in the UK Government Economic Service, Loughborough University Visiting Professor Andy Ross knows what it takes to be a ..

STEM Community Day 2019

There was something for everyone at our STEM Community Day with activities and timed workshops linked to Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths ..

The Art of Wrestling - a study by Loughborough University

Loughborough University Senior Lecturer in English and Drama Claire Warden has been researching the art of professional wrestling through the Wrestlin

Vlog: Q&A with Loughborough University students

First-year students Holly and Amy answer some of your frequently asked questions about Loughborough University. Holding an offer from us? Check this o

My Dissertation: By Katie Moore

History student Katie Moore talks about her dissertation '1916 Sparked a flame that has yet to be blown out: Remembering the Easter Rising and Battle

Map-matching algorithms

Find out more: Our map-matching and crash-mapping algorithms have helped Highways England develop countermeasures, policies and ...
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