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Sketch Tour Portugal – Azores

The Sketch Tour Portugal arrived to the Azores where the host sketcher, Alexandra Baptista, takes the guest sketcher, Jenny Adam on a beautiful trip a

Sketch Tour Portugal – Fátima

The Sketch Tour Portugal kicked off in Fátima, for the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Apparitions of Our Lady of Fátima, in May 2017. To

Can’t Skip Portugal – MAKING OF

Everyone loves bloopers, behind-the-scenes, rehearsals, backstage events… If you enjoyed our Can't Skip Portugal campaign videos, you will definitely

Sketch Tour Portugal – Lisbon region

The Sketch Tour Portugal went to Lisbon, Cascais, Sintra and a few other hot spots in the Lisbon area, where the host sketcher, José Louro, was joined

Sketch Tour Portugal – Madeira

The Sketch Tour Portugal has gone to Madeira, where the host sketcher, Ketta Linhares, took the guest sketcher, Ea Ejersbo, on a trip around this beau

Sketch Tour Portugal – Portuguese Greens

The Sketch Tour Portugal headed to a few golf courses in Portugal, where the host sketcher, Luís Frasco, took the guest sketcher, Ida Bellarian, on a

Sketch Tour Portugal – Portuguese Waves

Surfing inspired another trip of the Sketch Tour Portugal. João Catarino, takes the guest sketcher, Suhita Shirodkar on a beautiful trip along the Por

Sketch Tour Portugal – Porto and the North

The Sketch Tour Portugal has passed by Porto and the North Region, where the host sketcher, Mário Linhares, took the guest sketcher, Benedetta Dossi o

Santo António Festivities by Visit Portugal

If you've never been to Lisbon in June, this is a glimpse of what you're missing. Learn more about the Festivities of Lisbon here:

Sketch Tour Portugal – Portuguese Trails

The Portuguese host sketcher, Pedro Cabral, alongside the guest sketcher Linda Toolsema, went on their very own adventure on the Portuguese Trails, ..
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