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Urban Music Festivals

Don't skip town, rock your coolest outfit and surrender to the best music you can find. Urban Music Festivals in Portugal. All year long. More info: .

Can’t skip Us, Can’t Skip Portugal (sneak peek)

Life passes us by, time slips through our fingers. Decide your next stop, pick your next destination. Can't skip life. Can't skip us. Can't skip Portu

Can't Skip Freedom (sneak peek)

Jack is a man who thinks life is slipping through his fingers. He can hardly breathe, he feels overwhelmed by his daily routine. He sets off to see a

Can’t Skip New Beginnings (sneak peek)

Klaus has a whole lifetime behind him, but he feels that he missed out on something important: living. Here he finds new talents, tries new hobbies, d

Can't Skip Inspiration (sneak peek)

Chloe is a young lady who's tired of feeling uninspired with life. She wants joy, she wants enthusiasm, she wants beauty. She leaves for a place where

Can't Skip a Perfect Wish. Can't Skip Portugal.

On December 1st 2018 Portugal was elected, for the second consecutive year, World's Leading Destination at the World Travel Awards. This award helps t

O Centro de Portugal e a Aventura - Diogo Morgado

Há lugares que nos mudam por dentro. Inspirado no tema «Aventura», Diogo Morgado conta-nos a sua perspetiva do Centro de Portugal, com a ajuda de ...

O Centro de Portugal e a Criatividade - Edgar Pêra

A tradição reinventa-se todos os dias. Inspirado no tema «Criatividade», Edgar Pêra traz-nos uma visão musical do Centro de Portugal, com a ajuda de p

O Centro de Portugal e a Natureza - Ruben Alves

Nos sonhos de uma criança, projeta-se o futuro. Inspirado no tema «Natureza», Ruben Alves conta histórias de crianças e a forma como estas coexistem n

O Centro de Portugal e a Herança - Pedro Varela

Do vazio fértil, nasce o movimento. Inspirado no tema «Herança», Pedro Varela assume uma composição que une a arte e a dança ao património do Centro d
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