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Where Is Elon Musk's $100K Roadster He Sent To Space A Year Ago?

In February of 2018, Elon Musk launched his personal Tesla Roadster into space on SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket. A little more than a year later, the R

Why Nintendo Is Dominating Video Games | Untangled

Nintendo is dominating the video game industry. The Switch console is expected to sell over 35 million units worldwide, and six of the top-selling 20

20 Construction Machines Getting The Job Done

From a machine that digs up tree trunks to a tunnel-washing truck that looks like a car wash on wheels, these machines are all working hard to get the

Watch The SpaceX Crew Dragon Capsule Land Back On Earth For The First Time

The SpaceX Crew Dragon returned to Earth for the first time, after spending almost a week docked at the International Space Station. Dragon's first cr

What's Going On With Huawei | Untangled

Huawei has had their CFO arrested, their hardware banned from US government use, and they are now suing the US government. Huawei has also lost carrie

How These Flame-Throwing Tractors Kill Weeds

These tractors are equipped with torches and propane tanks and are used to kill weeds. Today, it's commonly used for corn and soybean crops.

Why Phones Are Getting Weird

Mobile World Congress debuted some pretty weird phones in 2019. We saw a wearable phone from Nubia, foldable phones from Samsung and Huawei, and ...

Inside Ikea's Secret Future Lab

This is Ikea's future lab, Space10. It's a space in downtown Copenhagen where researchers are creating a sustainable future by changing the way we liv

Why Everyone’s Talking About Foldable Phones

The trend on smartphones is to have bigger and bigger displays. Phone makers need to develop the technology, make screens better and less breakable an

Watch Elon Musk Unveil The Tesla Model Y SUV

Elon Musk finally unveiled Tesla's Model Y SUV on Thursday, March 14th. The vehicle is derived from the Model 3, with about 75% of the components bein
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