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Spicy Tomatoes and 4 Other GMOs That Could Save Lives

Genetically modifying plants and animals is complicated business, but some scientists think this tool could be used to save lives in a variety of ways

New Channel Alert!

It was recently brought to our attention that there's a category here that we have covered quite a lot, and that people have… watched. Here's a select

Why Don't Marine Animals Get "The Bends"?

"The bends" is one of the biggest risks that humans have to deal with when diving, but why don't marine animals, which are diving all the time, get th

Cicada Symbiosis | SciShow Talk Show

Dr. John McCutcheon is here to educate Hank about just how weird cicadas can be, and Jessi brings by a couple of crabby (but cute) guests. Hosted by:

The Truth About Chocolate and Your Health

There are claims floating around that chocolate might actually be good for you, and SciShow is here to help separate fact from fiction. Hosted by: Mic

The First Computer-Generated Bacterial Genome | SciShow News

In this week's news, scientists announce that they'd made the first entirely computer-generated bacterial genome, and a new surgical procedure that do

Can Pigeons Really Read

You may have heard about a study that found pigeons can visually recognize what printed words look like. Does that mean these birds can read? Interest

6 Gems and Minerals Much Rarer (and Cooler) Than Diamonds

No offense to that rock you may have on your finger, but these gems and minerals are so hard to find, they put most diamonds to shame. Skillshare is o

Why Aren't Mammals More Colorful?

Birds, bugs, fish and more come in every color of the rainbow, meanwhile mammals seem to offer more generic pallets, and dinosaurs might be to blame.

Why Do We Talk To Dogs Like That?

Why is it that every time you see an adorable puppy in the park or outside a cafe your voice suddenly jumps up about two octaves and you're talking to
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