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From Wombat Butts to Quantum Mechanics | SciShow Quiz Show

SciShow script writer and D&D enthusiast Alexa Billow goes head to head against Hank in his 50th Quiz Show appearance! Who will win in the battle of W

Symbioses Are Way More Complex Than You Think!

When we hear the term symbiosis, we tend to think about a simple partnership between two biological organisms. But in many cases, there are more than

This Ancient Tooth Could Shake Up How We Study Evolution | SciShow News

Scientists were able to get molecular information from 1.7 million years old teeth using a new method that could completely change how we study extinc

The Deep-Sea Snail with an Iron Shell

Deep in the Indian Ocean, scientists have discovered a snail whose feet are covered in iron scales, but how it builds these scales is a bit of a myste

5 Measurements You Might Not Realize Are Named After Scientists

Units are a major way we describe the world around us, and by looking at the scientists some of them are named after, we can get a sense of how we've

Tank to Table: How Scientists Make Bigger, Tastier Seafood

Go to to start streaming "Curious Minds: Global Food Supply." Use the promo code 'scishow' during the sign-up proce

Why Can't I Wear My Dog's Flea and Tick Collars?

It seems like the easiest way to avoid tiny parasites is to just slap on your animal's tick or flea collar and hike into the woods worry-free. But you

How Movies and TV Get Radiation Sickness Wrong

Radiation sickness been portrayed in movies and television for more than 50 years. And those portrayals vary a lot. But if there's one thing pretty mu

The Woman Who Changed Drug Development

From a new method of drug design to an antiviral agent for herpes, Gertrude Elion's works totally transformed the world of drug development. Hosted by

North America's 3 Billion Lost Birds | SciShow News

This week, an alarming report on North American bird populations and a sweet study on one of our more aloof furry companions. Hosted by: Stefan Chin .
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