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Lipids - Science Rap Academy

What are lipids and why are they the coolest? Learn about their role in membranes and in energy storage in this science-ified version of "I Like it",

Molecules Move - Science Rap Academy

What is the relationship between temperature, heat, kinetic energy, and molecular motion? Learn about kinetic and thermal energy in this science-ified

Climate vs. Weather - Science Rap Academy

What's the difference between weather and climate? Learn in this science-ified version of "Better Now" by Post Malone, written and produced by 7th gra

Homoeostasis - Science Rap Academy

How does your body keep all of it's parameters within the narrow range your cells need to survive? Homeostasis! 8th graders from the Science Rap Acade

Entropy - Science Rap Academy

What is entropy? Are life and evolution consistent with the second law of thermodynamics? Spoiler Alert: yes! Find out how in this parody by 8th grade

Rise of the Mesopredator - Science Karaoke

Sing and rap along with the Science With Tom / Minute Earth collaboration: "Rise of the Mesopredator"! Watch the original video here: ...

Earthquakes - Science Rap Academy

What are earthquakes? Why do they form? How can you prepare for them? Find out in the latest from the 8th graders of the Science Rap Academy. Interest

Neurons - Science Rap Academy

Interested in starting a "Science Rap Academy" in your school or district? Contact Science With Tom here: The social mediums: Fa

Kilo Mode ????- feat. Acapella Science & Mike Likes Science

Review the metric prefixes in this this epic musical science collaboration by Acapella Science, Mike Likes Science, and Science With Tom. Produced by

Sexual vs. Asexual Reproduction - Science Rap Academy

What are the tradeoffs of asexual vs. sexual reproduction for living things? Adaptability? Speed? Risk? Let a Marmorkreb and a turtle break it down fo
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