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Beware: The Inverted Yield Curve

The Inverted Yield Curve: Lets discuss what this means, why it's important, and if this could predict a recession. Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPSteph

Why I won't be getting the Apple Credit Card...

Lets talk about the new 2019 Apple Credit Card…and why I won't be getting one. Enjoy. Add me on Instagram: GPStephan The YouTube Creator Academy: ...

Meet the $250,000,000 man

Meet Ben Mallah: He started from nothing and built a $250 million dollar real estate empire from scratch. Here's his story and here's how he did it. E

I got sued by Apple.

I got sued by Apple for my Credit Card video, please share this video to spread the word. Instagram: GPStephan The YouTube Creator Academy: Learn ...

How I bought a Tesla for $78 Per Month

I just bought the new 2019 Tesla Model 3 - here's why it was only $78.39 per month. Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan Tesla Referral Link: Get 100

Touring a $44,000,000 Mansion in the Hollywood Hills

Tour a custom-built $44000000 Mansion in the Hollywood Hills, featured on Selling Sunset, and toured with Jason Oppenheim of The Oppenheim Group. Enjo

The truth about my $78 per month Tesla

Given the fact that my recent Tesla video got so many views - and a lot of the misunderstanding when it comes to how tax write offs are applied, here

A warning about the Uber IPO…

Uber is getting ready for an IPO. Here's what this means, and what you should know about investing - enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan GET A FREE

Real Estate Tricks: How To Pay Off Your Home Mortgage FAST

Here's a popular topic of discussion when it comes to Real Estate: How to pay off your mortgage early. And this video will tell you EXACTLY how to do

I found the BEST Cash Back Credit Cards

Forget 1% cash back…these are the HIGHEST Cash Back Credit Cards right offered now that will give you the MOST money back, all the way up 5% - enjoy!
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