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The Housing Market JUST Went From BAD To WORSE

  • 23 hours ago
Right now, with all the demand for housing, property developers are on a MISSION to build homes as quickly as they possibly can…but, there's a problem

How To Invest In 2020 | My Concerns

  • 21 hours ago
These are my strategies of how to invest in 2020 and beyond, some concerns I have for newer investors, and which investments would be ideal to look in

The Next Market Crash - 7 Ways To Make Money

  • 1 day ago
Lets talk about the next stock market drop, what to do, how to best prepare, and how to invest long term so that you come out ahead profitable - Enjoy

Learn How to Negotiate a Deal at My Real Estate Bootcamp

  • 6 hours ago
Many of you ask me how I secured $2.5 Billion in #realestate assets. It took hard work and I had to expand my thinking from buying one single-family h

Trick or Treat at the Cardone Office - Grant Cardone

  • 1 hour ago
Elena Cardone and Grant Cardone brought Sabrina and Scarlett to the office for a round of trick or treating. Nothing says 10X like a cart full of cand

Why I Sold My Tesla Stock ...

  • 6 hours ago
This is why I sold off half of my Tesla Stock, why I think Tesla surged in price over the last few days, and what I think for the future of the compan

5 Things to Focus on for the New Year - Young Hustlers LIVE @12 PM EST

  • 16 hours ago
Today on the show, we will be discussing 5 things to focus on to get your money right for 2022. Call in with any questions (305) ...

10X Tech Tank Episode 96

  • 8 hours ago
We have more entrepreneurs from around the world share their ideas… Ideas on napkins… Ideas in MVP (Minimal Viable ...

Bitcoin Just Ended Investing | The NEW 60/40 Rule

  • 12 hours ago
This all begins with the 60 / 40 Rule: This is an investment formula discovered in the 1940's which found the IDEAL combination of how much money you

The Market Is About To Go INSANE

  • 11 hours ago
Interest Rate Futures have just begun to turn negative, implying the chance of another market drop happening throughout 2022 ...
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