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Those “Real Estate Investor Seeks Trainee” Signs: Make $120k/yr With No Experience?!

Ever wondered about those signs that say “Real Estate Investor Seeks Trainee?” Wonder no longer…here's exactly what happens when you call those signs.

Kylie Jenner 101: How to be a “Self Made” Billionaire Explained

At the age of 20, Kylie Jenner stands to be one of the worlds youngest Self Made Billionaires…here's how she did it, and does this make her “Self Made

The ULTIMATE Beginner's Guide to Investing in Real Estate Step-By-Step

Here's a Real Estate beginner tutorial where I can really cover the blueprints and outline the basics of what's needed in order to prepare for, and ac

How to make Passive Income 101: Expectations vs Reality

Lets talk about how to make passive income, and debunk some common misconceptions out there…more information in the description. Enjoy! Add me on ...

The Truth: How To Buy Real Estate With No Money and No Credit

Ever wondered how people buy real estate with no money and no credit? Here is the answer and the strategies people use to invest in real estate with O

Investing in Real Estate just got a LOT more difficult…

I figured I'd use this opportunity to give everyone a firsthand perspective of what it's like as a real estate investor, what goes on behind the scene

The 5 WORST MISTAKES you can make if the Real Estate Market DROPS

Real Estate Investing Explained: These are the 5 WORST things you could do if the real estate market drops in price…enjoy! Add me on Instagram/Snapcha


Ever wondered just how much money you'd actually need to in order to be Financially Independent, to quit your job, and retire early? Here's the answer

Why The $1 Electric Scooter Will TAKE OVER The World

When I spot something that seems to have potential, I'll talk about it and share my opinion - and in this case, I think we could be at the beginning o

The 5 things I wish I knew before becoming a Landlord...

These are the 5 things I wish I had known before becoming a landlord, and why learning these NOW can make you a better real estate investor in the lon
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