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Trump Says 'I Don't Use Racist Remarks'

Nov.07 -- President Donald Trump says he's "never used racist remarks." Trump spoke at a White House press conference.

Trump Says He's Open to Raising Taxes to Pay for Middle-Class Cut

Nov.07 -- President Donald Trump says he's open to raising some tax rates to help pay for a bigger tax break for middle-class Americans. Trump spoke a

Jeff Sessions Has Resigned as Attorney General

Nov.07 -- Attorney General Jeff Sessions has resigned at the request of President Donald Trump after becoming a target of the president's open contemp

Sessions Has Been Through a Tough Year and His Resignation Isn't a Surprise, Panetta Says

Nov.07 -- Leon Panetta, former CIA director and former U.S. defense secretary, discusses U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions' resignation and its impl

Rep. Maxine Waters Says CFPB Under Attack, More Work to Do on Wells Fargo

Nov.07 -- Rep. Maxine Waters, a California Democrat, comments on the results of the midterm elections and discusses her agenda when she leads the fina

Don't See Much Bi-Partisanship in Next Two Years, Says IMA Asia's Michelson

Nov.07 -- Mark Michelson, chairman of Asia CEO forum at IMA Asia, and Bloomberg's Jodi Schneider discuss the back and forth between the President and

How to Trade the Pound as Brexit Talks Near Endgame

Nov.08 -- Centre for European Reform Deputy Director John Springford and BlackRock Global Chief Investment Strategist Richard Turnill discuss the outl

Former New Orleans Mayor Landrieu on Gun Control and Split Congress

Nov.08 -- Mitch Landrieu, former mayor of New Orleans, discusses gun control and the results of the midterm elections with Bloomberg's David Westin on

Christie Said to Be on Attorney General Short List

Nov.09 -- Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Labor Secretary Alex Acosta and U.S. Appeals Court Judge Edith Jones are among the people White .

How Would a No-Deal Brexit Impact U.K. Assets?

Nov.09 -- UBS Investment Bank Economist Arend Kapteyn and Continuum Economics Managing Director Mike Gallagher discuss the chances of a no-deal ...
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