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Mike Kelley's Ultimate Sky Library and Sky Replacement Tutorial

Fstoppers and Mike Kelley bring you everything you need to replace skies in your images. Learn more in the Fstoppers Store: ...

More Insane Stories From Ritz Camera (Episode 6)

Watch Episode 1 here: Watch Episode 2 here: Watch Episode 3 here:

THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD: How I was fired and banned from Ritz Camera

Watch Episode 1 here: Watch Episode 2 here: Watch Episode 3 here:

The Importance of Quality Music for Your Videos (Artlist)

Try Artlist: Tr

Destroyed My Camera Trying to Review a Filter

Check out Haida's filters here: Buy it from BH here: ...

Shooting with Hotlights - CTC E58

In this episode of Critique the Community, Lee and Patrick provide their feedback to 20 images submitted by Fstoppers members. See the full list of su

Shooting Moving Timelapses with edelkrone

Patrick Hall of Fstoppers tries out the edelkrone Motion Kit and creates a moving timelapse using the Panasonic GH5s. Full article here: ...

Improve Your Wedding Portraits with These Simple Tips

Fstoppers has teamed up with Jason Vinson in a video that will teach you how to improve your wedding photos in quick, creative ways using lighting mod

Seascape Photography Challenge in Puerto Rico

In our third Puerto Rican Photo Challenge, David Strauss challenges Patrick Hall for the ultimate battle of seascapes in Palmas Del Mar. Gear Used: ..

This Wedding Photography Critique is HARSH - CTC E59

In this episode of Critique the Community we host Pye Jirsa from SLR Lounge. Pye adds some incredible feedback to this episode. See the full list of .
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