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Critique the Community Episode 37 - Photographer's Logos

In this episode we veer away from our standard image critique and take a look at the logos of different Fstoppers community members instead to see if

Story Time with Monte Isom: Photographing President Bush

Story Time with Monte is a series filmed alongside his tutorial: Making Real Money - The Business of Commercial Photography For more information visit

Critique the Community - Macro Photography

This episode of Critique the Community gets up close and personal with the subjects. Twenty submitted images were chosen from the Fstoppers community

Intro to Video: A Photographer's Guide to Filmmaking

Full tutorial here: Want to learn how to start shooting high quality, profess

Neutral Density Filters: How To Remove People From Your Photos

Full Article Here: Polar Pro Filter Used: ...

How Could you Improve these Photos with Water? - CTC E39

In this episode of Critique the Community, we rate images incorporating water submitted by the Fstoppers community. See the all the submissions here:

The a9 is incredible but I'm NOT SWITCHING TO SONY CAMERAS

Read the full post here: Buy the a9 here: ...

Amazing and Not so Great Car Photos

In this episode of Critique the Community Lee and Patrick give feedback to 20 images submitted by Fstoppers members. Two of the entrants received a fr

How to Make Better Timelapses

Full article: In this short photography tutorial,

Could this be the Best LED Studio Video Light?

Full Article: In this video we compare the Boling BL-50C Bi-Color continuous lighting kit with the Fiilex p360 bi-color led light to see which system
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