Photography Results about 170 pages by Easy Branches

Intro to Premiere - A Video Editing Tutorial

Learning to edit video doesn't have to be complicated. Fstoppers has over 10 years of experience editing video and boils all they've learned down into

Finding Inspiration and Success as Photographers

Lee Morris, Mike Kelley, and David Strauss sit down to discuss where they find inspiration and elements to becoming successful that stretch beyond you

Create a Dramatic DIY Set from a Plain White Studio

Great photography is about working with what you have to capture stunning imagery. In this short lesson, Patrick takes a simple white studio space and

Critique the Community Episode 32 - Landscape Photography with Elia Locardi

While traveling South America filming Photographing the World 4, Lee Morris and Elia Locardi sit down to critique a variety of images submitted by the

Should You Go to an Art School to Become a Photographer?

In this video Lee Morris sits down with Mike Kelley and David Strauss to discuss the value of going to an art school to become a photographer. Is it w

How to Color Calibrate Every Device in a Photographers Workflow

Nothing is more important for color perfectionist photographers to get consistent accurate color through every aspect of the shoot, from set to delive

All the Gear We Used to Film Photographing the World 3

To see a list of every peice of gear we used plus a list of all of the current gear that we use, check out the full post on Fstoppers here: ...

How to Make Your Timelapses Look Better: Hybrid Timelapse

Fstoppers shows an editing trick to mix timelapse and traditional video to make a hybrid timelapse composite. To save 10% off your first Squarespace p

Tamron 14-150mm Vs. Panasonic 14-140mm Lens Review

Fstoppers breaks down the differences between the Tamron 14-150mm and the Panasonic 14-140mm micro four thirds lenses. Gear used: Tamron 14-150mm ...

Critique the Community Episode 33 - Motion

In this episode of Critique the Community Lee Morris and David Strauss discuss the quality of 20 images that incorporate a sense of motion submitted b
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