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Sound Bar For COMPUTERS? Surprisingly Good

Vizio 36" current version: Vizio 36" from video refurbished unit: Polk Speakers:

How We Built a Set For Youtube Videos

Link to full Fstoppers article: Gear Used: Panasonic GH5: ...

Mythbusting Tony's ISO Claims

watch the original video here: Check out Fstoppers photography tutorials here:

Living in Puerto Rico Update 2: Daily Challenges

Ring donated the cameras installed in this video. Save $98 when buying the Doorbell Camera Kit here: Patrick and Lee of Fst

Bluetooth Sunglasses... Incredible

Buy the Bose Frames here: Buy the Bose QC35 headphones here: Yes ...

We wasted even more time Testing ISO Invariance

Spoiler: you can make underexposed raw files look almost identical in any raw processing software if you tweak the sliders enough. Learn EVERYTHING ab

Critiquing Love Themed Images - CTC E54

Lee and Patrick give their feedback to 20 images submitted by the Fstoppers community with the theme of "love." See the full list of submissions here:

A Dell Update Bricked My Computer

Read the full post here: After freshly installing windows 10 on my Alienware Au

The Art of Composition

See the full post and all of the photographs and photographers here: In this video Lee M

Photographing The World 4 BTS Ep. 9

buy the full tutorial here:
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