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Dog chomps down on quad copter in epic slow motion

Henry hunts down the dreaded quad copter in this awesome clip. Bye bye quad copter! Did you ever think that your dog was the worst dog in the world fo

Silly husky decides to chew on table leg

When this husky runs out of toys he resorts to chewing on the furniture! Too funny! Source & embed code: ...

Amazingly clear zoom-in detail of the moon

The moon is 240000 miles/384400 KM away from Earth but with the Nikon P900 Coolpix Camera you can bring it right to you! Taken Jan 5th 2020 in Gruntha

Pet raccoon chows down on favorite treat

This cute raccoon sits like a human as it enjoys a tasty treat. Too cute! Source & embed code:

Horse and cat best friends is the best thing you'll see all day

Despite the fact that the horse is at least ten times the size of this cat, the two don't let their differences come between their friendship. They ar

Beagles sniffs out her gift under the Christmas tree

Chloe our 4 year old Beagle with her terribly good nose sniffed around the Christmas tree. Her owners had placed a treat in a tissue wrapping for her

Golden Retriever puppy plays game on iPad

This puppy is going for the new high score! Adorable! Source & embed code:

Husky throws tantrum over wearing goggles

Oliver needs goggles for car rides because a husky eye surgery is not cheap! Check out his temper tantrum! Source & embed code: ...

Great Dane has absolutely no concept of "personal space"

This 10-month-old Great Dane gets in this woman's face while she tries to watch TV. Hysterical! Source & embed code: ...

Grandma brought to instant tears when surprised with new puppy

These grandparents' last dog passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly sudden last year, and they've been asking for a puppy for months. Today, her f
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