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Swimmer meets extremely friendly stingrays in Belize

Stingrays are often thought of as ferocious killers, likely to stab a person with their venomous barb without provocation. While it is true that they

Clever pup overcomes invisible dog challenge

Check out this Schnauzer's reaction to the invisible challenge that's sweeping the internet. Enjoy! @bentley_badass Source & embed code: ...

Fearless kitten loves swimming in the ocean

This is Gracie the rescued island kitty from her early swimming lessons. Each session is followed by a warm fresh water bath, towel rubdown, lots of p

Woman narrates her husky's nap time

Listen to this woman as she narrates what is going on inside her dog's head. Too funny! Source & embed code: ...

Great Dane puppy really wants cat to play with him

Technically, Mikey the Great Dane will still be a puppy for another two weeks. Realistically, being a Harlequin, Mikey will probably act like a puppy

Loud crunching sound made by monstrous grub hiding in log

A cottager was standing beside a cut log and he was hearing a loud, crunching sound coming from somewhere. It sounded like a beaver or large animal ..

Little kitty enjoys hiding in owner's drawers

This cute cat was found hiding in the drawer. Cats will be cats! Source & embed code:

Friendly deer wants cat to come out and play

Lola and Zoey share an incredible bond that is extremely rare in the animal kingdom. Check it out! Source & embed code: ...

Doberman terrifies owner after catching venomous snake

Kruz is a 5-year-old Doberman Pinscher. He was protecting his family from a snake and decided to show them what he saved them from. It was a copperhea

Rude dog burps right in owner's face

Every morning this dog has the same routine - he approaches his owner after he eats his breakfast and gets right up in their face and burps. He is so
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