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Enormous caterpillar has monstrous face when viewed close up

This enormous caterpillar is the larval stage of the Polyphemus moth, one of the largest moths in North America. These caterpillars feed voraciously f

Jack Russell Terrier helps owner with the housework

Ari the six-year-old Jack Russell Terrier is happily helping his owner with the chores. How cool is that?! Source & embed code: ...

Talented cat puts on Oscar-worthy performance

Barsik the cat flawlessly performs the "bang bang" trick in this incredible clip. Someone call the Academy Awards! Source & embed code: ...

Parrot loves to have raspberries blown on him

Einstein the parrot and his owner share a special bond. There is a huge level of trust between the two of them. Einstein allows Jeff to turn him upsid

Puppy shows the best way to get down the stairs

Brave Freddie shows how to conquer the stairs. He is a true stair surfer! @freddiethemini Source & embed code: ...

Baby girl has her hair transformed into an afro

It's this little girl's afro day and she is absolutely loving it! So much fun! Source & embed code:

Kid prefers to go back to sleep with her doggy

It's too cozy for early morning gymnastics class, so let's just ignore mom! Priceless! Source & embed code: ...

Crazy cat licks and cuddles with cactus

Is this cat trying to tell us that it wants a hedgehog buddy? Hilarious! Source & embed code: ...

Sleeping dog snores in hilarious fashion

Check out how this dog snores during a deep sleep. Too funny! Source & embed code: For licensing .

Man pulls dog on skateboard in New York City

Nothing to see here, just a dog on skateboard being pulled by its owner. Priceless! Source & embed code:
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