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Playful fox caught chasing huge bug on trail cam #Shorts

  • 7 hours ago
A nighttime trail camera captures this fox having the time of its life chasing a bug through the air. Priceless! #Shorts Source & embed code: ...

10 Day Old Kitten Falls In A Gutter! | Pets: Wild At Heart | BBC Earth

  • 18 hours ago
This helpful cat lends a helping hand to her busy sister by babysitting her kitten - unfortunately, it doesn't quite go according to plan. Subscribe:

Cat gets brain freeze while eating ice cream

  • 2 hours ago
Have you ever wondered what it would look like if a cat got a brain freeze? Well here is your answer! Source & embed code: ...

Scuba diver hand feeds friendly Hawksbill turtle in Papua New Guinea

  • 19 hours ago
Hawksbill sea turtles are critically endangered. Hunted to near extinction earlier this century for their ornate shells, their numbers dwindled drasti

Flamingo Chicks Trapped in Frozen Lake | Eden: Untamed Planet | BBC Earth

  • 16 hours ago
Trapped in the lake and weighed down by salt and ice, can these fledglings take advantage of their one chance to escape? Subscribe:

What Happens When Cats Have Catnip? | Pets: Wild At Heart | BBC Earth

  • 6 hours ago
Cats after consuming catnip are a sight to behold - but have you ever wondered about the science behind their strange behaviour? Watch and learn. Subs

Bernese Mountain Dog totally freaks out over bubble wrap

  • 13 hours ago
Watch how this Berner happily dances at the sound of popping bubble wrap. Priceless! Source & embed code: ...

Neighbors join comedian Jason Manford to sing happy birthday to isolating grandma

  • 16 hours ago
A grandmother living in this home is celebrating her 80th birthday in isolation. Everyone living on her street, including her family (who haven't seen

Dog mom nursing her cute puppies will melt your heart #Shorts

  • 1 day ago
These adorable puppies are just two days old, and the mama is so proud of them! Check out how cute this video is! #Shorts Source & embed code: ...

A Perfect Planet: Extended Trailer | New David Attenborough Series | BBC Earth

  • 4 hours ago
The Story of Earth's Power and Fragility. This is A Perfect Planet. Subscribe: Watch more: Planet Earth
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