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Family Secret Revealed! (NEW DAILY BUMPS)

There's some things about our family that you might not know. This video will change that. Watch this!

Surprise Family Moving Day!

Today is a huge day for us! We're packing up and moving things over! Our secret!

Family Wedding Announcement!

Someone in our family is getting married!! The rest of us are in for a big dusty, corpse bride surprise! WE MOVED!

Mini Coyote Peterson Explores the Wild!

You've never see the boys like this before! They love exploring our yard for animals! Wedding announcement!

YouTube Surprised Our Family!

But that's not the only surprise in this video! THUMBS UP if you're excited! Did you see our new swim school?

Secret Valentines Day Surprise for Missy!

I've been keeping a huge secret from Missy! THUMBS UP if you're excited to see! Have you seen this?

Crazy Basketball Dunk Contest! ???? (w/ Surprise Mystery Guests!)

We got a knock at a door from someone VERY tall! Time for some fun! Did you see our Valentines vlog?

Something Broke Into the Chicken Coop!

The family comes home to bad news. I still can't believe THIS happened ...

Hot Air Balloon Surprise Birthday Special

It's Bryan's birthday! It's time to surprise him with something he's never done before! Our coop got broken into!

I'm Sorry

I have something to tell you guys. Can you believe we did this?
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