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Sonic, Shadow and Knuckles - Fiebre

Character: Sonic, Shadow and Knuckles Cartoon: Sonic X Music: Fiebre Artist: Ricky Martin ft. Wisin and Yandel.

Sonic and Shadow - El Baño

Characters: Sonic and Shadow Cartoon: Sonic X Music: El Baño Artist: Enrique Iglesias ft. Bad Bunny.

Sonic - Mine

Characters: Sonic and Amy Rose Shipp: Sonamy Cartoon: Sonic X Music: Mine ( knowned for " you so f precious when you smile " ) Artist: Bazzi.

Shadow - Hielo

Character: Shadow Cartoon: Sonic X Music: Hielo Artist: Daddy Yankee.

Sonic 2 finished on my old Sega Mega Drive

This video was recorded on 12-08-2017.

Sonic - Mantra

Character: Sonic Cartoon: Sonic X Music: Mantra Artist: Sebastián Yatra.

Sonic and Amy - Roses Are Red

Characters: Sonic and Amy Shipp: Sonamy Cartoon: Sonic Boom Music: Roses Are Red Artist: Aqua.

Sonic and Knuckles - X (EQUIS)

Characters: Sonic and Knuckles Shipps: Sonamy and Knouge Cartoon: Sonic X Music: X (EQUIS) Artist: Nicky Jam Ft. J. Balvin.

Sanic - I´m Blue

Character: Sanic Animations: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BsfUDW8luY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-XmGYvElns&t=18s ...

Tails - Sigamos Bailando

Character: Tails Cartoon: Sonic X Music: Sigamos Bailando Artists: Gianluca Vacchi ft. Luis Fonsi.
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