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I Busted A Wedding Yelling Out The Bride's Secret

Hi everyone, I'm Jane and I'm 16 years old. I was at a fancy wedding recently. It was like an English lord marrying a king`s daughter. But then I mess

My Boyfriend Died But He Still Goes Online

Hello! My name is Michelle, I am seventeen years old. My story is about a broken heart and a tremendous amount of stress, which I experienced and, as

I Have Three Gold Digging Stepmothers And One Rich Dad. It's A War!

Hey, I'm Maggie, I'm 16 and recently, three of my ex stepmothers tried to take EVERYTHING we had away. Yes, THREE of them. It was a full-on war betwee

I Hide From Everyone On Valentine's Day. There Are 5 Reasons Why

Hello! Rene is here with you! I don't want to look like one of these toxic girls from YouTube, but I have a certain point of view that I would like to

My Parents Learned My Dirty Secret Through A Webcam In My Room

Hi! I'm Trudy and I'm 15. Recently I discovered that my parents have been watching me. They've seen everything that has happened in my room through a

My Mom Sold Me For 1000$

Hi everyone, my name is Jamie and I'm 16 years old. After my father left us, my mother turned into a monster… That was three years ago. My father is 1

I Lived In The Street And Got Picked Up By A Creepy Couple

Hi guys, my name is Sarah. What would you choose: to be a slave in your own parent's house or to be free, but homeless? My situation has forced me to

I Proposed My Bf To Marry Me At The First Date

Hi everyone, my name is Sarah. Recently I had to tell my husband that he was not the father of our child. The worst part is it was true. I did have an

I Date Two Brothers At The Same Time

Hello everyone, my name is Diana, I am 17 years old. Aaand... My parents kicked me out of the house recently because of my unusual relationship... I h

I Found Out My Bf's Sister Is Not His Sister At All

Hi everyone! My name is Claire, and I am 16 years old. Recently, my mom showed me what cheating is… First things first. My parent`s marriage has alway
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