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My Twin Sister Died As A Hero And Now I Remained All Alone

Hello! My name is Soraya. A few weeks ago I celebrated my fifteenth birthday. My parents and friends did their best to make this day really special fo

I Took Revenge On My Ex By Stealing His Money. In Your Face!

Hey, guys. I want to tell you how I came up with a plan to get back at my boyfriend, but it all went wrong, and I was left all alone in a big city tha

My Teacher Gives Me A+ For Our Special Relationships

Hey! My name's April and I am 16. You know, recently I was totally scared because I thought that my literature teacher, who's apparently way older tha

My Father Forced Me To Beg On The Streets To Earn Money For Him

Hey, guys! My name is Amber. And today I can happily say, I have a roof over my head, clean clothes, and I've just had a really nice dinner. What's so

My Mom Got A Crush On My Dad's Illegitimate Son. Yikes!

Hey! I'm Mike. The story I am going to tell you happened a year ago. And, afterward, I found myself short of a brother and my family lost a considerab

My Friend Spiked My Drink Every Day. I Was Shocked To Know The Reason

Hey, guys. My name is Michelle. Recently, my personal life fell apart, and I almost had to go to the hospital. And all this happened because the perso

I Got A Chance To Revenge For My Dad's Death To His Boss

Hello! I'm Patrick. I've spent the last 4 years of my life thinking over a plan for how to get revenge on my dad's former boss for all that he has don

My Mom Fed Me Only Fruit

Hello everybody! I am fourteen years old and my name is Erica. I want to tell you the story about my experience with an unusual lifestyle that my moth

I Dumped My Disabled Bf. The Worst Mistake Of My Life

Hello everybody! I am Kelly, I am twenty-one years old. I noticed that everyone who tells their story here immediately says what it will be about. I w

My Friend Gets A+ Because Our Teacher Has A Secret Affair. I Told Everyone

Hi everybody! Would you like to hear something really unbelievable? I am only twelve years old, I have just entered my first year of middle school, bu
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