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'Frozen Dragon' Species Was Trapped in Ice for 76 Mln Years

  • 18 hours ago
What did the Earth look like in the beginning? Scientists still keep making new discoveries and revealing more facts about our planet and the species

I Poisoned My Bf's Mother. Now She Won't Be An Obstacle

  • 2 hours ago
Hello everyone! My name is Cassidy and I'm 20. I bet it won't surprise anybody if I say that my relationship with my boyfriend's mother was complicate

Why Now This Doesn't Happen in Cars; 99% of People Don't Know

  • 5 hours ago
When placed correctly, this mirror can enhance your safety. Moreover, this mirror can save the car owner a few thousand dollars ...

27 Extreme Places You'll Want to Visit If You Dare

  • 15 hours ago
This island is barely the size o half a football pitch, but it happens to be more crowded than you could imagine... Let's explore this strange island

If You See Orange Dots on Your Phone, Here's What It Means

  • 8 hours ago
Do you think you know your iPhone very well? But do you know how to create a unique vibration for any of your contacts? Or that you can take a selfie

26 Psychological Tricks to Convince People to Do What You Want

  • 14 hours ago
In a room full of people, do you tend to hide in the corner? Blend into the wallpaper? Maybe even sneak under the rug? Even the shyest people can use

He Found a Great White Shark in an Empty Building, See How It Got There

  • 3 hours ago
Imagine you're entering the territory of an amazing but abandoned Wildlife Park. The animal cages are overgrown with grass, small houses have been lef

What Would You Look Like If You Lived In Ancient Civilizations

  • 14 hours ago
If you could pick any place and time in history you could live in - which would it be? Ancient Greece, Egypt, medieval Europe or ...

I Wanted To Surprise My Bf... But Surprised My Dad

  • 1 hour ago
Hey guys! I'm Amy. For many years I desperately tried to become an adult in terms of physical relationships with my boyfriends, but it all ended in va

If You Have It in Your House, Throw It Out Right Now!

  • 11 hours ago
We don't hesitate to throw away expired food products, because we know that they can harm our health. But in fact, our house is full of other things t
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