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How to Fundraise without Asking for Money

The reason most people hate fundraising is because they hate asking people for money. But this assumes that “asking” is all we do when we fundraising.

How to Raise Money with Email: Fundraising Funnels for Nonprofits

Here is an effective way to set up an email fundraising campaign. Just use a fundraising funnel that your visitors actually sign up for when they visi

How to Get Emergency Funding for Nonprofits

In this episode, we talk about how to obtain emergency funding for your existing programs. I talk with Caroline Bressan from Open Road Alliance. They

How to Smart Start a Nonprofit

In this episode, I talk with Michael Rivera from Jee Foods. Michael is part of a group of high school students who started a nonprofit to help the hun

The Most Important Part of Crowdfunding… the Kick-off

Running a crowdfunding campaign takes a lot of preparation, research and maintenance. But one of the most important parts of running a campaign is get

Make a WordPress Website - Lesson Three, Introduction: Widgets, Plugins and Shortcode - Learn how to make a website with WordPress. This is the intro to Lesson Three. In this lesson you will learn the differenc

WordPress for Nonprofit Websites – Lesson Six: Setting up your Latest News Page - Most websites will have a “Latest News and Announcements” section. This can be used to post a blog, market your events, pu

Nonprofit Community Outreach and Fundraising

Join us for an interview with Ro Valiao, from Learn how to better manage and fundraise for you nonprofit. Check out the sh

Keys to Nonprofit Startup Success

In this podcast I talk with Kathleen Kelly-Janus, author of Social Startup Success. In this interview we talk about the different factors involved in

WordPress for Nonprofit Websites – Lesson Eight: Adding Pages to the Menu - So it's time to put the finishing touches on your website. In this lesson we add a latest news page (which we installed in
How To Start a Vlog, Blog in 2019 - Follow successful Bloggers and Vloggers