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The power of conspiracy theories und cults | Giulia Silberberger | TEDxUniMannheim

Why do people believe in conspiracy theories or in extreme cases join a cult-like the Jehovah's Witnesses? What value do these beliefs hold and what d

Could we become the most disability-friendly community in the country? | Tim Harrington | TEDxToledo

Rethinking society to include all of us. Executive Director at The Ability Center of Greater Toledo This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED

Why most visual effects suck--but some don't | Wren Weichman | TEDxPenn

Why can't we stop noticing bad visual effects whenever we go to the movies, even though VFX technology has never been better and film budgets have nev

Grounded on the culture, walking to the world | Haoyi Li | TEDxYouth@Hangzhou

How do we understand “walking in life”? Haoyi Li is now a college student studies abroad, by immersing into two cultures, he Peels out 4 layers in the

Efectos inesperados de las medidas contra el cambio climático | Armando Azúa Bustos | TEDxValladolid

Nuestro planeta tiene vida y riqueza incluso allí donde parece que no la hay. El astrobiólogo Armando Azúa-Bustos investigando en Atacama la adaptació

La lista de las primeras veces | Jacobo Bergareche | TEDxValladolid

Hay circunstancias en la vida de todas las personas en las que parece que todo pierde su sentido. El guionista Jacobo Bergareche comparte cómo poder .

Cómo ganar la batalla contra los vampiros de datos online | Jorge García Herrero | TEDxValladolid

En el uso de internet, y tras varios escándalos mundiales como Cambridge Analytica, parece que hemos llegado a un punto en el que tenemos que decidir

Algae, a key to a greener future? | Julanie Stapelberg | TEDxUniversityofPretoria

Can algae lead the way to a greener future? Julanie's talk focuses on the potential of algae and how a green economy can be created around algae to re

The Art of Quizzing | Mr. Thejaswi Udupa | TEDxGlobalAcademy

What better way to express your self and exhibit the inherent knowledge one has is by being a part of the quiz team and more so by being a quiz master

What the fact! | Danielle Arets | TEDxVeghel

Nieuws: belangrijk om te weten is dat algoritmes breed ingezet kunnen worden, zoals bijvoorbeeld om fake news (nepnieuws) op te sporen op social media
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