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Pretend Play with Toy Car Wash

Hailey and Aiden pretend play car wash with toys. The kid uses foam bubbles soap to wash the toy car and make it clean. Then, he plays on the playgrou

Pretend Play Shopping for New Peppa Pig Toys at Kid Size Toy Store

The children pretend play shopping at kid size store for new Peppa toys. The boy uses the pretend cash register toy. The girl picks out fun Peppa Pig

Pretend Play with Toy Barbies - Barbie Gets Stuck at the Pool!

It's a nice summer day so Hailey pretend plays with her Barbie dolls and a new food toys truck by the pool. The mermaid swims fast and saves the Barbi

Learn Colors Song with Toys for Each Color of the Rainbow

Hailey pretend plays teacher so kids can learn colors and we have fun singing a nursery rhyme song. Kid sings the colors song to learn each color of t

ABC, Colors and Five Little Monkeys Nursery Rhymes Kids Songs

Children perform nursery rhymes kids songs. The songs for kids are ABC Alphabet song - A is for Apple, Five Little Monkeys nursery rhyme - Jumping on

Kid Pretend Play Helps Cute Puppy Find His Home

A cute puppy is playing but gets lost when a rain storm comes to the playground. The kid saves the scared puppy from the bad weather and tries to help

Five Superheroes Jumping on the Bed Pool | Fun Nursery Rhymes With Toys

Hi kids! It's hot outside and the perfect time to go to the pool. That's what these superheroes did, with myself along for the ride. Superman, Spider-

Five Little Pocoyo Jumping on the Alligator Pool | Learn Fruits with Fun Nursery Rhyme

Hi kids! Are you ready for a new nursery rhyme featuring five little Pocoyo toys jumping on the pool? There's a nasty green alligator in there as well

Anime Memes / Crack OMG!WOW!OMG! #218

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Anime Memes / Crack The end... #219

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