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Pretend Play Mommy with Baby Dolls on the Playground - Stacy Jumps in Muddy Puddles

Hailey takes care of baby dolls, feeds them pretend food and plays with them on the playground. But, one of the doll babies jumps in muddy puddles and

Learn Colors for Kids with Colored Rings | Finger Family Songs Nursery Rhymes for Children

Today, we have the Finger Family song to help us learn colors with colored rings and sticks. The little girl has fun sliding down the water slide and

Kid Plays with Balls and Daddy Get's Stuck in the Muddy Puddles!

Children superhero Hailey is playing with balls and daddy is pulling up vegetation around the playground. Suddenly, one plant let's go and he tumbles

Kids Pretend Play with Toy Magic Wand that Magically Changes Toys by Making them Bigger!

The funny little girl turns her little brother into a giant baby doll using a toy magic wand that magically changes toys and objects by making them bi

Fun Pretend Play with Dolls, Are you sleeping brother John

Today Hailey and Skyler play hide and seek with baby doll. The children search the house listening to nursery rhymes and try to get the baby dolls to

Children try to Wake Sleeping Father with Pretend Play Music Toys!

The children want to play with their father, but he's sleeping. So, Hailey and Skyler try to wake up daddy with the help of musical instruments toys a

Pretend Play with Magic Toy Shrink Ray that Magically Changes Toys!

Hailey is on the playground playing when she finds a magic shrink ray toy and dad uses it to magically transform big cars ride on into little toys car

Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed Nursery Rhyme Song Music Video for Children by Hailey!

Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed nursery rhyme song music video for Children by Hailey's Magical Playhouse! Hailey plays dress up as a mommy, ..

Pretend Play with Toy Horse and Ride On Tractor | Children Learn Names of Fruit and Vegetables

Learn names of fruit and vegetables while listening to Farmer in the Dell nursery rhyme song and Old MacDonald had a Farm songs for children. The litt

Child Superhero helps Daddy Wash a Ride On Car Toy!

The child superhero Hailey is playing on the playground when she hears a cry for help! Daddy is washing children's ride on car toy but gets tangled up
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