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Pretend Play Toy Challenge - Mismatch Toys in Colorful Boxes

Hailey pretend play toy challenge of mismatch toys in boxes with vibrant colors. She guesses if the cartoon show is the same or different as the new t

Pretend Play Hair Salon with Funny Hairstyles

Hailey wants to pretend play hair salon with daddy. He is busy working but the little girl says please and daddy agrees. She uses giant toy scissors,

Elsa Delivers New Toys in Big Disney Frozen Surprise Box to Anna with Toy Dolls and More!

Elsa delivers a big Disney Frozen surprise box for Anna to do a new toys opening just in time for Christmas! There's so many new Disney Princess toys

Kids Try to Wake Up Daddy with Music Toys and More Funny Pretend Play Videos!

The children pretend play music toys to wake up daddy but he's fast asleep! Hailey, Skyler and little baby brother make a lot of noise playing guitar

Pretend Play Shopping for New Paw Patrol Toys at a Toy Store with Chase Pup!

The little puppy Chase wants to go to Paw Patrol Toy Store to buy some new toys so Aiden takes him. When they get to the toy shop, they see Marshall w

Hailey Pretend Play with Ride On Horse Toys

Hailey has a new toy horse. The little girl takes the ride on horse toy to the house. Then, she plays on the playground with her brothers. The childre

Marshall's Huge Paw Patrol Toys Surprise Christmas Present with My Size Look Out Tower!

Marshall opens the biggest Paw Patrol toys surprise Christmas present ever. It's filled with new toys like a Paw Patrol My Size Look Out Tower, Ultima

Pretend Play Salon with Giant Toys and More by Hailey!

Hailey wants to pretend play salon with giant toys and making funny hairstyles but daddy is busy working. He eventually agrees and the little kid pret

Gekko Gets New PJ MASKS TOYS inside Giant Christmas Present!

Gekko is so excited when he gets new PJ Masks toys inside a huge Christmas present. Inside the big surprise box is new PJ Masks toys like a Catboy R/C

Christmas Morning Opening Presents and Kids Show Favorite New Toys

The children open presents on Christmas morning to find wonderful new toys and surprises. Hailey and baby brother pretend play with their favorite toy
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