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Money Management Monday | Pay Yourself Like You Pay a Bill | Make Saving a Habit

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No Spend Month COLLAB | Tips for a Successful No Spend Month | FrugalChicLife

Hi everyone! In this video I share my tips for being successful during a no spend month. Thanks to Natasha and Kimberly for the invite! Please check o

Money Management Monday | Why You Need a "Life Happens Fund" | FrugalChicLife

Who wants to reach into their emergency fund to purchase new tires? Is that really an emergency? It could be if we are not properly prepared. Consider

Benefits of Minimalism | Tips for New Minimalists | Keeping Up With the Minimalists vs. the Jones's

My name is Nicole and I create content about financial freedom, wealth building, simple living, and much more! If you haven't done so, please hit the

July 2017 Cash Envelopes | Cash Envelope System | Journey to Financial Freedom | FrugalChicLife

Download a Free Copy of My Excel Budget Template: June 2017 Side Hustle Report: ...

How I Changed My Spending Habits | FrugalChicLife

In this video I share a few tips that helped me curb my spending habit! I am on a journey to be financially free and live a more simplistic life. Inst

Money Management Monday | 5 Money Habits You Need to Break Now | FrugalChicLife

Hi guys! Here are 5 Money Habits that You Need to Break Now! Check out some of my other recent videos below! Connect With Me!

Budget With Me | January 2017 Budget and Cash Envelopes | FrugalChicLife

Hi guys! Have you done your January budget yet? Start the New Year off right! #newyearnewfinances Related Videos: No Spend January | Post Holiday ...

Simple Living and Minimalism | Getting Started Again, Why I Stopped | Minimalism | FrugalChicLife

Hi guys! A year or so ago I started contemplating starting a simple living/minimalism journey. I got sidetracked but now I'm back! I think lol. Stay t

Money Management Monday | Life Insurance 101 | Term Life vs Whole Life Insurance | FrugalChicLife

Hi guys! Do you know why you need life insurance? Are you familiar with the different types of life insurance? Not the sexiest topic lol but an import
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