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Rekieta Law - How To Catch and Convict a Pedophile - A Guide

Pedophiles are everywhere these days, lets talk about how the Government tracks, traps, and convicts them. Let's talk about the Sex Offender Registry.

Rekieta Law - Vox Ruins the Day - #ComicsGate

Vox Day has blitzed his way into the #ComicsGate movement and his presence is being met with reactions ranging from hostile to hostile. But there're s

Rekieta Law - Interview With Honey Badger Alison Tieman - Live!

Alison Tieman is a charged figure in the GeekGate culture. Also known as Typhon Blue, she is a men's rights advocate and commentator on nerd or geek c

Rekieta Law - On the Nature of Businesses Doing Business - Free Speech

It's just a private business choosing who it will do business with! Just go make your own business! Just go find another business! REEEEEE! Freedom of

Rekieta Law - Interview with Thomas Roiloup - #comicsgate

An interview with Thomas Roiloup, of Sh***y Webcomics. Thomas is a critic of the comic industry and of #comicsgate. SWC criticized the SJW influence i

Rekieta Law - Lolsuit Mini-Update And Then Some Ranting - Livestream!

I won't be around for my normal Friday Livestream, so we're going to do one tonight! An overview of the newest documents in the LoLsuit, then whatever

Rekieta Law - Triple Threat Livestream! - Asterios, Poppy, Greer

Tonight we have three big subjects to cover. I'm going to do a livestream and record the three individual segments Live. We're talking about the state

Rekieta Law - Interview With a Convicted Sex Offender - LIVE

Tonight's Live Interview is something you won't find anywhere else. Tonight I will have a live interview with "Abe," a convicted sex offender, to talk

Rekieta Law - Live Panel with Ethan Van Sciver and Thomas Roiloup - #comicsgate

Papa Ceasar, Commisar of Pie, Ethan Van Sciver, host of Comicsgate Live! has agreed to have a discussion with outspoken critic and former mod of Sh***

Rekieta Law - LIVE Reading and Critiquing Chapter 1 of Russel Greer's Book - With Sriracha!

Special guest Sriracha and I will be reading through chapter 1 of Russell's book, "Why I sued Taylor Swift." ***Russell, we're going to add enough com
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