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Rekieta Law - Chad Dad Chat - With Larry Bleidner and Doug TenNapel

Welcome to my very special guests Larry Bleidner and Doug TenNapel for the first Chad Dad Chat. Tonight we'll be discussing raising kids, leading fami

Rekieta law - Waid Zaid Files His Response - WILL THIS SINK ZACK?

Reviewing and Reading the motion to dismiss from Meyer v Waid LIVE Come join fancy description. STREAMLABS PAYPAL "CHAT" OPTION: ...

Rekieta Law - On the Less-Than-Peaceful Sunset of the #Killstream

JUSTICE CHAT LINK: Live-chatting about the #killstream being Hiroshima'd, about Ralph being unpersoned by YouTube, a

Rekieta Law - A Legal Analysis of Waid's Motion to Dismiss for Lack of Jurisdiction

This is a straightforward legal analysis of the motion to dismiss for lack of jurisdiction in the Meyer v. Waid Lawsuit for #comicsgate. Diversity & C

Rekieta Law - Waid's "Evidence" Followed by Twitter Law School!

JUSTICE CHAT LINK: Will be going through Mark Waid's "evidence" filed in his motion to dismiss followed up by a bout

Rekieta Law - Supreme Court Hearing Case About Nonpublic Platforms - Live!

JUSTICE CHAT LINK: Tonight we'll take a look at the upcoming Supreme Court case regarding Nonpublic companies and ..

Rekieta Law - ComicsGate Debate - One For All or All For One?

CHECK OUT MY GUESTS STUFF: Unranked Chevron: Englentine: Tonight, a discussion with Ethan Van Sciver .

Rekieta Law - New Jersey Tries To Make 3D Gun CAD Files ILLEGAL Everywhere On Earth

New Jersey is stupid. New Jersey Just passed a law specifically targeting Defense Distributed, a company that distributes CAD files for components of

Rekieta Law - Acosta Legally Accosts Trump Over Press Pass - Livestream

JUSTICE CHAT: Jim Acosta and CNN have sued Trump and the White House over the revocation of Jim's Press Pass.

Rekieta Law - Chapter Five - Why I Sued Taylor Swift - with Sriracha

JUSTICE CHAT: Tonight is chapter five of the greatest love letter ever written. Not since Michael Avenatti has a man
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