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Setting Bail – How Do Judges Decide The Bail Amount?

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  • 4 days ago
A bail schedule helps judges to determine the bail amount, which depends on the seriousness of the case. The judge fixes the bail amount during bail h

Ain't No Party Like Lemoine's Party Cuz Lemoine's Party Don't Stop


Tuesday (but Wednesday actually, tho) Toss Up - Vic, Sandmann, Some News Articles | Rekieta Law

Tonight, we'll be covering new filings in Vic's case, taking a bigger look at Sandmann's case, and then blowing through some articles on various legal

It's a SPOOKY Halloween Stream with SPOOKY Stuff | Rekieta Law

It's a SPOOKY Halloween stream with some legal topics and subjects picked for this spooky day! Fun stream, come laugh, cringe, complain about things,

Friday Funtime with Lady Rackets - Possibly Some Sandmann discussion | Rekieta Law

Lady Rackets joins me to talk about some stuff, we just saw Joker, so we're both incels now and will RRU before too long, I just have to hit the gym.

Funimation Fees, Vic's Team Opposes Deposition and Fires Back | Rekieta Law

Funimation has filed it's request for fees and sanctions. It's a big document, of mostly exhibits. Vic has also filed in opposition to Lemoine's motio

Marchi, Rial, and Toye File their Motions for Fees and Sanctions, Lie Repeatedly | Rekieta Law

More Vic Filings as the Lungless Wonder wheezes his way into a sanctions and attorney fee request that is so absurd that it merits ignoring. Marchi's

Michael Drejka: how "SELF DEFENSE" landed him IN PRISON | Rekieta Law

Michael Drejka went to prison for 20 years for shooting a man in what he called self defense. The Jury disagreed, the Judge disagreed, I disagree. Acc

Mignogna LAWSUIT! Hearing RESULTS for Slatosch Deposition| Rekieta Law

Mignogna Update! Today was a hearing for the Deposition of Chris Slatosch and Vic's counter-motion for sanctions. The update is short and sweet, with

ROBOTS That REPLACE Your Partner?! | Rekieta Law

Phil from the Dollhouse, a premium adult doll distributor, joins to talk about the dolls, the industry, and the future. Grab some whiskey and join me.
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