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Texas Governor Plans to DEFUND DEMOCRATS in State Legislature

  • 7 hours ago
Texas Democrats walked out of the house on Sunday night effectively blocking a new Voting bill proposed by Texas Republicans. Now, Governor Greg Abbot

Former Mayor of Port Richey, FL Dale Massad Appears in Court

  • 4 hours ago
Former Mayor of Port Richey, FL appeared in court via Zoom link prior to his attempted murder trial #DaleMassad.

Day 6 - John Lewin Cross Examines Robert Durst For The Murder of Friend Susan Berman Part 22

  • 18 hours ago
LIVE COVERAGE: Robert Durst Testifies Live For The Murder of Friend Susan Berman Trial Day 50 Robert Durst stands trial for the 2000 murder of friend

Amber Heard Talks Johnny Depp Accusing Her of Affair with James Franco

  • 20 hours ago
During her testimony on Thursday, Amber Heard testified about an incident between her and Johnny Depp that took place on an ...

Pfizer Vaccine gets FDA Approval, Now What? #shorts

  • 22 hours ago
Pfizer Vaccine gets FDA Approval, and what comes next? Tons of Mandates from employers to institutions to private businesses. They can all blame gover

NBA Hornets' Miles Bridges Arrested For Felony Domestic Violence, Wife Shares Photos on Instagram

  • 8 hours ago
Brittney Griner pleaded guilty in a Russian court, NBA Hornets player Miles Bridges was arrested for felony domestic violence, ...

Hoes Mad: The GriftMan Cometh - Whiskey, Gin, Vodka and Rants? Audience Choice

  • 16 hours ago
People are mad about how much money YouTubers are making on the Johnny Depp trial. I figured it's time for a grift stream... So ...

Curtis Reeves - Movie Theater Popcorn Shooter Trial - Day 3 - STATE KEEPS GOING

  • 17 hours ago
The trial goes on, the State's case is not holding up very well and the defense is doing excellent work on cross examination.

Fauci's Tyranny vs. DeSantis's Liberty

  • 9 hours ago
RonDeSantis is clashing with #AnthonyFauci over a simple question of liberty. Do you have the freedom to choose whether or not to get vaccinated? DeSa

Reviewing Bearface Whiskey and Marchi's Appeal Response | Rekieta Law

  • 1 hour ago
I've got some Canadian Whiskey to Review, and we'll also take a read through Marchi's appeal documents. Hopefully we won't get fat reading them. Grab
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