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A Brief Summary of Depp's Response to Heard, More Roe v Wade LUNACY

  • 6 hours ago
Ok ok, let me tell you why Amber Heard's motion for a new trial is stupid, and why lawyers on twitter saying it will happen is also ...

Idaho Student Murders Suspect Bryan Kohberger Stopped in White Hyundai Elantra by Indiana Trooper

  • 12 hours ago
WATCH: Footage released by the Indiana State Police shows a trooper stopping Idaho student murders suspect Bryan Kohberger ...

WATCH PARTY: Senate Questions Jack and Zuckerberg

  • 5 hours ago
Like, actually tonight Let's play a game. Let's watch the senate question Jack and Zuckerberg over censorship surrounding the election. Let's drink wh

Eighth 'YSL' Gang Member Pleads Guilty, Agrees to Testify Against Young Thug, Others

  • 6 hours ago
Young Thug co-defendant Trontavious Stephens, aka Tick, took a plea deal on Thursday agreeing to testify against the rapper ...

Johnny Depp Thanks Fans in TikTok Message

  • 14 hours ago
Now, we will all move forward together”: Johnny Depp thanked his fans for their support in a TikTok message Tuesday.

Former Mayor of Port Richey, FL Dale Massad Appears in Court

  • 21 hours ago
Former Mayor of Port Richey, FL appeared in court via Zoom link prior to his attempted murder trial #DaleMassad.

L&C Report: Former Officer Derek Chauvin Set to Stand Trial Alone in March 2021

  • 21 hours ago
L&C Report: Former Officer Derek Chauvin Set to Stand Trial Alone in March 20201 Today on Law & Crime Report: There will now be 2 trials in George Flo

CNN Goes FULL KAREN on Donald Trump - Sends a LETTER!

  • 23 hours ago
CNN Sent the Trump Campaign a cease and desist letter for selectively editing some an exchange between Sanjay Gupta and Wolf Blitzer. Of course, CNN d

Accused Idaho Student Murderer Arrested and Charged — What's Next?

  • 16 hours ago
Moscow police have confirmed that 28-year-old Bryan Christopher Kohberger was arrested in connection to the Idaho student ...

ARCHIVE: Ty Beard Friday Stream - Let's Talk Time Magazine and HR 127

  • 22 hours ago
Ty joins me to discuss the goings on of the world. Grab some whiskey and join me. Come catch a livestream talkshow nearly every ...
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