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LIVE: Drexel on SIMP School and Shutdowns | Rekieta Law

Drexel is in the vault to talk about literally anything that comes up. Grab some whiskey and join me. I'm Nick Rekieta of Rekieta Law, "Latenight Inte

LIVE with Sword and Scale's Mike Boudet on Cancel Culture and Corona | Rekieta Law

Mike Boudet from the Sword and Scale Podcast joins to talk about Cancel Culture, Corona, and for an Exclusive announcement! Grab some whiskey and join

Sword and Scale SUES Reddit Anon for DEFAMATION

Mike Boudet from Sword and Scale is suing an anonymous Reddit user for Defamation and Tortious interference. First, they have to find the identity of

LIVE: Corona and Chill w/GUESTS | Rekieta Law

We've got guests, We've got quarantines, and we've got chilled out discussions about anime and other things to keep you busy during the downtime. Grab

LIVE: Review/React to DarkSydePhil Bankruptcy Call | Rekieta Law

DSP had his 341 meeting by teleconference. It was, apparently, a bit of a disaster. Let's listen through it together and see what happened. Grab some

LIVE: Interview With Q on Rights, and Why Greg Douchette hates Black People | Rekieta Law

Q from Out of the Darkness joins me to talk about rights, infringements, and more during Corona Virus. Grab some whiskey and join us. Out of the Darkn

Reviewing Bearface Whiskey and Marchi's Appeal Response | Rekieta Law

I've got some Canadian Whiskey to Review, and we'll also take a read through Marchi's appeal documents. Hopefully we won't get fat reading them. Grab

LIVE: Funimation Appeal Document Read Through | Rekieta Law

Tonight we're going to slog through Funimation's filing. It's a big boi, so we'll move quickly. I wonder if they followed the word limits... Grab some

LIVE: Ty Beard Talks Trump BUX - Get Stimulused | Rekieta Law

Ty Beard joins me to talk about some other aspects of the Stimulus package and how they may help a whole group of people who need it. Grab some whiske

LIVE: A BRIEF Visit From Ty Beard and A LONG BRIEF From a MoRon | Rekieta Law

Ty joins me at the start to clarify some of the SBA stuff that literally changed overnight. After which I will kick him out like a Corona Patient and
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