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UFO Over Freeway Caught On Dashcam ZOOM & SLOMO

Video of a strange UFO seen over a Freeway caught on dashcam. This was large and looked metallic. It moved in an unusual way. I was so spooked I went

Trash & Treasure Hunting Thomas The Tank Spider Nest & MEGA Summer Fires

With MEGA bushfires all around it's time to look for Treasure that's thrown out as Trash. This is the Summer curbside cleanup and as usual there is lo

Thomas The Tank Toys Sold Out Before Christmas AGAIN Toy Store Study

I love looking at Thomas & Friends toys in store. But there seems to be a problem with supply and demand of these very popular toys. And again in the

Fake Toys In Shopping Malls & LEGO Minifigure Earrings Legal Or Illegal

Why do I keep seeing fake counterfeit Thomas The Tank, Disney Cars, Frozen, Pokemon, Peppa Pig, Transformers, Lego toys being sold in big name shoppin

Redback Spider Roundup Trap Inspections Summer Solstice Mega Fires Educational Video

It's the peak of the spider season in Australia. And while MEGA fires are burning it's time to look for Redback Spiders in the backyard. This time I c


Everyone loves decorated homes at Christmas time, but some local thugs think it's cool to tear up the suburb and cause Christmas chaos. Thanks to frie

Railfanning Ultimate Trains Steam Electric Diesel Freight Passenger Train Sounds & Spider

Train Railfanning Highlights Steam locomotives, Diesel locomotives, Diesel Electric freight trains, Electric passenger and Diesel Electric. Just train

Thomas The Tank Toy Story Toys Before And After Christmas Study & Mattel Vs Hasbro Share Price

A toy story study of Thomas & Friends toys and Disney Toy Story 4 toys in a toy store two days before Christmas, then two days after Christmas. Bluey

Termite Swarmer Infestation Vs Ants & Gym Spiders Redback Nest EDUCATIONAL VIDEO

I stumble across a mass of Termite Swarmers around a utility pole / telegraph pole. This had me searching for answers why I could see so many Termites

St Lukes Model Train Show 2019 Thomas U Drive Madness Awesome Miniature Trains iMac NIGHTMARE

Let's investigate the 33rd St Lukes Model Railway Exhibition. Lots of amazing model trains and miniature detail to wonder at. This video was saved fro
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