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Sydney Big Dust Storm Chasing 2018 & Thomas Toy DOUBLE Factory Error Find

It's not often big dust storms hit Sydney, there was a warning about an approaching dust storm so I did some storm chasing to see the beautiful power

Cheapest Christmas Train Set EVER & Naughty Elf Caught Moving

The most amazing super cheap Christmas Train unboxing and review. The Christmas Classic Train has a Locomotive, Coal Tender, Passenger Carriage, ...

Turbo Speed Thomas The Tank Twisting Tornado Bloopers & Naughty Elf

Lets GO TURBO Thomas on the Trackmaster Twisting Tornado set. This was difficult to achieve and I did a few mods to make it work. I also show how to m

Redback Spider Removal 4 Trash Bins Oops One Got Away EDUCATIONAL VIDEO

In my attempt to stop the Redback spider infestation I have removed multiple spiders and cleaned another neighbours council trash bins. I apply white

Thomas Trackmaster Boat & Sea Set Toy Review Gordon McFerryface Upgrade

Thomas The Tank is headed off Sodor Island in Big World Big Adventures movie. The Thomas Trackmaster Boat And Sea playset allows you to drift far away

Thomas Ace Nia Yong Bao Big World Big Adventures Big Bloopers

Thomas is off to see the world in Big World Big Adventures. There are three Trackmaster 3 packs available. This is the bloopers of my toy review looki

Redback Spiders Week 10 Spiderlings Are So Cute & Deadly EDUCATIONAL VIDEO

Baby spiders are cute and deadly from the day they leave the egg sac. The spider tank has many changes happening by week 10. I added a whole nest of a

How To Catch A Redback Spider Under My Toyota Week 11 EDUCATIONAL VIDEO

It's not nice finding deadly spiders nesting underneath your car. Like last year I find a large female Redback spider who has set up a spider nest, th

Percy 6 In 1 Set $29 Best Toys Google Reviews & YouTubeRewind Dislikes Most Hated Video EVER

The best value Christmas toy has to be the Thomas Trackmaster Percy 6 In 1 Builder set. At $29 it's cheaper in Australia Vs the price in the USA. Comp

Hot Wheels $10 Christmas Advent Calendar 2018 Vs 2015 & Factory Error Car

Oh the Christmas joy of a cheap advent calendar. I unbox and review the 2018 Hot Wheels Advent Calendar that counts down 24 days before Christmas in a
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