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Inside Damaged Roof Redback Spider Tile Cracks & Subaru Hail Fraud Case Update

After a series of devastating storms and massive hail damage to my tile roof it's time to look at whats happening under the tiles. I enter the area ab

Praying Mantis Spider Attack Grey House Spiders & Bindi Redback Educational Video

My son noticed what looks like Redback spiders setting up web nests around the outside furniture. But on closer inspection it's a curious spider that

Thomas Toys Empty Shelves Saving Lexi New Trackmaster & Hot Wheels Price Point

Let's go Thomas & Friends toy hunting after Christmas in KMart to see what stock is available. This Thomas stock examines what's going on in January d

Redback Spider Flamethrower Roundup March 2019 Pt1 EDUCATIONAL VIDEO

It's time to look for the deadly Redback spiders that are lurking around my home. This is a delayed February clear out because of the very hot Summer

Mystery Treasure Pet Gravestone Cicada Holes & Rats Eat Fluffy Cats Food

While doing some digging around the house some backyard mysteries are uncovered. A pet gravestone, strange ceramics, Cicada holes and a Pony ants nest

Huntsman Spider Vs Dyson V8 ANIMAL Awesome Chemical Free Pest Control

Spiders in the home can be difficult to deal with. I find a Huntsman Spider in the kitchen and use my Dyson V8 Animal handstick vacuum to perform a ch

Redback Spiders Major Infestation Study Local Gym EDUCATIONAL VIDEO

A video showing a major Redback spider infestation at my local gym. There are multiple mature female Redback spiders with spider nests and spider egg

Mercedes Benz Spark Plugs For A Diesel Car Service Nightmare Story

My Mercedes Benz GLC 250D has just had it's third service at a Mercedes Benz service centre. It didn't go very well as I was told my Diesel car will r

Redback Spider Flamethrower Roundup March 2019 Pt2 & Bindi Update EDUCATIONAL VIDEO

It's time for part 2 and look for the deadly Redback spiders that are lurking around my home. In part 1 I did the front yard and the spider infested b

Spider Mind Games Mercedes Benz Spider Infestation Pt1 EDUCATIONAL VIDEO

Redback spiders love living under my cars. I find 3 areas under my Mercedes Benz of drop down spider web that looks exactly like what Redback spiders
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