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Moonan Flats O Scale Shunting Plank Model Railway Brickpit 2016 Clever Design

Moonan Flats O Scale Shunting Plank Model Railway Brickpit 2016 Clever Design Dedicated video that looks over a stunning O scale model railway called

Giant Stick Insect Amazing Beautiful Nature

Imagine if your life was trying to imitate a stick, well here is a garden critter who was caught out and needed re-location to where he's far less obv

Redback Spider Killing Skink Week 6 Timelapse Educational Video

Are Black Widow spiders more deadly than Redback spiders? My Redback spider videos will let you see just how dangerous the Australian Redback spider i

Mad Bomber - Repair, Modify, Multiply

Bomber Diesel & Steam is well into production, this vlog explores a number of modeling issues. Web links.

ALDI 3D Printer Power Failure MYER LEGO Saturn 5 Retail Fail YES I'M VERY ANGRY

Just typical day in Australia buying a Cocoon Create 3D Printer from Aldi. Had to get out of the store fast because of the blackouts again. Then went

How To Kill Deadly Redback Spider Infestation Mortein FAST Knockdown

Scary spider nightmare as more dangerous Redback spiders are found. How fast is Mortein Fast Knockdown Crawling Insect Killer? The can says Fast ...

3 Birds Attack Cicada Life & Death A Bugs Life

Birds are the number one predator of Cicadas. A Cicadas survival for it's last 2 weeks of life above ground is a dangerous sport. I found a Greengroce

Secret Military Training Footage

A video demonstrating new technology in battlefield simulators. Web Links: ...

Big Stick Spider Dazed And Confused Wrong Season

Giant Stick Spider found in late May. These spiders are normally seen in Summer months in Australia so seeing this spider so close to Winter has me th

Toys Stolen In Shops Mysterious Elf Free Toy Spree Ep2

Who's stealing the toys? Maybe Santa does a special Christmas shopping spree by grabbing the nice toys in store to send out again come Christmas. This
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