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Battlefield 5 Bazooka has an Incredible Secret

The Battlefield V Bazooka has an amazing trick up its sleeve. Let's test it out and see what is possible! Lunge Mine memes and more in this video! Lea

Holding the Church in Hell Let Loose is crazy!

Hell let Loose keeps delivering some top fps action. Good memes and action all around as we attempt to take st marie du mont. Brilliant! Leave a LIKE

Modern Warfare Battle Royale

Modern Warfare Battle Royale shown for the first time in the Season 2 Intro. Surely this is Call of Duty BR?! Ghost returns! Sponsored by Activision.

Modern Warfare New Guns + Maps!

Modern Warfare Season 2 is LIVE with new maps and guns. I'm jumping in with you for some live gameplay and commentary. Let's have a bit of fun! Sponso

A new type of FPS game - The Cycle gameplay + First Impressions

The Cycle game is interesting. PvEvP-FPCQS?! Having fun with friends and explaining mechanics. Check out the game here - Video .

Modern Warfare Tryhard Mode

Modern Warfare Tryhard mode... How sweaty can it possibly get?! Let's find out with my best M4 and Gun loadouts. Season 2 in full swing. Sponsored by

Battlefield 4 Agent of Chaos

Battlefield 4 is quality. Creating Chaos and having fun with Westie on an all out conquest map. AN94 is way better than I remember it too, good times!

Battlefield 5 Strangest Gun

Battlefield V has some weird weapons, but I think the type 11 LMG takes 1st place. Also, it has a spoon and some really cool animations. Let's take a

Hunt Showdown should have your attention

Hunt showdown is too good. This is one of the best games I've played recently and my heart was pounding. If you lose... that's it! Hope you guys enjoy

Rainbow Six Siege making a statement

Rainbow Six Siege is going strong right now and have just shown us 2 years into the future. Iana and Oryx Gameplay was shown too as well as House rema
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