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5 Stocks Crashing Today!

Today we discuss 5 stocks that are crashing today. All 5 of these stocks are down about 10% or more. These are some of the worst performing stocks in

Stock Market In Crash Mode! What Now?

The Dow Jones had one of its biggest point drops in history today. The stock market crash is quite something else the past 3 days. We have lost about

What Makes A Great Dividend Stock For Dividend Investing?

Free PDF for the top 5 stock market apps and websites I use daily! Today we chat about what makes

Why I Almost Bought $5,000 Worth Of Uber Stock Today...But Didn't

Today I almost ended up buying $5000 worth of Uber stock as a long term investment of mine in the stock market but decided not to... I want to explain

3 Great Dividend Stocks For Dividend Investing 2020

Today we share 3 great dividend stocks for dividend investing over the coming years. These dividend stocks should raise their dividends in future year

Tesla Stock vs Uber Stock! Which Stock Is Better?

Today we have a chat about Tesla stock vs Uber stock and which one is a better investment long term. I am currently a shareholder of Tesla and I'm con

Stock Market Falls 800 Points! Will Stock Market Get Worse? 4th Biggest Drop Ever!

The stock market fell huge today! The dow 30 was down over 800 points! This was the 4th biggest point drop in the history of the stock market. Tons of

I Just Bought $10,000 Of This Dividend Stock Today!

Today i went ahead and bought $10000 of a dividend stock and i want to share why I bought this specific dividend stock. Dividend stocks can be phenome

How I Went From $0-$200,000 in The Stock Market Before Age 25 (Step by Step)

Today I tell you an old school story about how I went from nothing to over $200000 in my stock market account all by the age of 25. I hope this story

5 Reasons Everyone Is Talking 2020 Recession

It seems everyone in the stock market or financial space is talking about a possible 2020 recession, but why is this? I want to give you the 5 core re
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