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Today we do a stock market related video where i share how you can become a much better stock market investor in 2020 and beyond. *Link to my Private

Why I'm Cash Heavy Going into 2020

Im not buying a lot of stocks at the moment. Last year I was stuffing so much money into the stock market at this time it was insane! This year I am m

Going All in On Tesla Stock

Well... Some people are going all in Tesla stock or close to all in Tesla stock. A gentlemen from a youtube channel called solving the money problem i

Crazy guy emails me "Economic Collapse will happen by Christmas 2019!"

Yeah. Everything will say $0 in a week from now. bank accounts, checking accounts, savings accounts, brokerage accounts, your mum. everything. but if

Wall Street Bear Gives up on Tesla Stock Negativity

Tesla stock was about over $20 per share today after Dan Ivey went more positive on Tesla stock than ever before. Huge Deal Coming to celebrate 2020 w

This might be the Biggest Ponzi Scheme Right Now

The is one of the biggest Ponzi schemes in history going on right now. it has to do with venture capital money and the silicon valley startup space. T

Is it too late to buy Facebook Stock? $202 Now!

Today we will have a chat about if Facebook stocks is still a buy or if it is too late to even consider buying FB stock. Enjoy! Huge Deal Coming to ce

5 Stocks I Won't Sell in 2020

Huge Deal Coming to celebrate 2020 with a bang! Deal will be for joining my private stock group where you can learn directly from me. Jan 1 2020 - Jan

Tesla Stock Hits $420! Will Tesla crash now?

Tesla stock had another big today today in the stock market! Tesla stock hit the infamous $420 today! The $420 num per dates back to when Tesla CEO El

My $428,000 Stock Market Portfolio Going into 2020! What Stocks I Own Now!

Today I share with you guys the stocks I own going into 2020 in my public stock market account that is available for everyone to see in my private sto
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