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Amazon Reports SHOCKING Earnings! Is Amazon Stock Easy Money!?

Amazon just reported earnings 24 hours ago and the Amazon earnings were absolutely shocking! Amazon stock didn't make much of a move but I have got to

The Illusion of The Stock Market That Fools You

My Most In Depth Stock Market Course ever on how to pick stocks and invest in the Stock Market To join my private stock group c

Google Stock Crashes On Earnings! Buy Google Alphabet Stock Now?!

Google Alphabet stock crashed today after their earnings last night. Many investors were not impressed with Google earnings Alphabet earnings so they

My Stocks With The Most Upside Over The Next 3 Years

Today I share with you the stocks I own in 2019 that I believe have the most upside over the next 3 years. Enjoy! To join my private stock group and s

Tesla Raising Money From Elon Musk & Others! Whats It Mean For Tesla Stock?

Tesla just announced they are raising money from Elon Musk and others. I want to talk about the details of Tesla raising money today. To join my priva

Warren Buffett Just Scared Me So Bad Right Now

Warren Buffett did an interview with Becky quick on CNBC television today and now I am super scared! To join my private stock group and save $700 on a

I Am Shocked No Stock Market Crash Today

The stock market didn't crash today after Presidents Trumps remarks about new China tariffs. To join my private stock group and save $700 on an annual

Stock Market Falls 550 Points! WhatAmIGonnaDo?!

The stock market is crashing hard today! Probably the worst day for the stock market and stocks in all of 2019. The stock market has been down well ov

I Just Lost $5,400 In 30 Minutes In Stock Market

The last 30 minutes have treated me rough in the stock market. I lost $5400 of wealth in the past 30 minutes after Elf earnings came out. To join my p

Uber IPO Stock Disaster.. Will I Buy Uber Stock Now?!

Uber went public today and the Uber public offering went very bad. The Uber IPO has been rough from the time they started and now that one can buy Ube
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