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A Step By Step Guide to Purchase Bitcoin with Paxum

How To Buy Bitcoin With Paxum

5G Stocks To Watch Now! 5G Stocks to Buy?!

Today we do a video about 5G stocks! Some feel these are stocks to buy now while other feel they are just stocks to watch. These 4 stocks are all goin

Is an April 2020 Stock Market Crash Coming?

We experienced a pretty crazy stock market crash very recently but some people are wondering was that just part 1 of the stock market crash? Are we ab

My Top 5 Stocks in the Stock Market! Stocks to Buy Now?!

7 Sins of Stock Market Investing to avoid in 2020 Today I share with you my top 5 biggest investm

Should You Buy Stocks Now or Wait For Stock Market Crash pt.2?

In this video here we discuss if you should be buying socks during the month of April 2020 or if you should wait to start buying stocks until the summ

Is the Stock Market a Bull Trap or Bear Trap Right Now? Let's talk

I hear a lot of talk right now about if the stock market is a bull trap. I want to share my thoughts on the current state of the stock market and if s

Is CCL STOCK a Buy @ $8? Let's Talk Carnival Cruise Stock

Finally gonna do it... We will talk about CCL stock otherwise known as Carnival cruise lines... Its 8 bucks a share now... 7 Sins of Stock Market Inve

Carnival Cruise Stock Soars! Why CCL is Going Up So Much!

Today we talk about carnival cruise lines stock! The stock made a huge move today. I want to share with you the 3 reason CCL stock went up so much tod

Is The Stock Market Moving Up Too Fast?

Today we chat about if the stock market is moving up too fast. it seems like the past 2-3 weeks stocks have been moving up a lot! By a lot I mean the

Do This in the Stock Market Right Now! Free article I wrote for you guys. Enjoy! You need to be doing something in the stock market right now.
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