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Traditional Hakka Dumpling Unfolds @ Serdang Sunday  Morning Market

Google Map :,101.705620 Manaweblife ventured into the Serdang morning market on a Sunday and discovered a ...

Kajang's 'Top' Ten Hup HK Chee Cheong Fun

One wouldn't imagine finding the unique traditional Hong Kong style chee cheong fun in the back street behind the Kajang wet market, but it's right th

2019吉隆坡茨廠街年味節 Petaling Street Lunar New Year Carnival ( 1 )

Date and Time : 25 - 26, Jan, 5pm -10pm 27 Jan, 9am -10 pm.

2019吉隆坡茨廠街年味節 ( 2 )陈颖豪 - 月圆花好

Date and Time : 25 - 26, Jan, 5pm -10pm 27 Jan, 9am -10 pm.

Masks Unveiled At The Curve 2019 CNY Performance

Manaweblife captured on video a thrilling and fast-paced performance at the Curve, Mutiara Damansara in Petaling Jaya as part of the mall's Chinese Ne

Signs That Stand The Test Of Time

Heritage Shop Signs : A Lasting Impression Manaweblife showcases an interesting collection of old shop signs in the centre of KL ,and Klang, that have

It's The Season For Nangka Madu Honey Jackfruit

Manaweblife stopped along the trunk road to Bentong from the Karak Highway and popped into a honey jackfruit stall that advertises itself with display

The Chinese Mochi Granny Of KL's Petaling Street 茨廠街老招牌麻糍

Manaweblife followed the crowd at a small stall in the Chinatown area of KL's famous Petaling Street and was curious to find out what the loud call fo

Fusion Classical Folk Dance At The Curve CNY Event 新年嘟嘟好

Manaweblife continues to capture the Curve. Mutiara Damansara's Chinese New Year event line-up of performances with the theme " A Cup Full Of Fortune"

Long Tea Spout Performance At The Curve, Petaling Jaya 只記今朝笑 &孔子曰

Manaweblife continues the Chinese New Year festivity showcase at the Curve, Mutiara Damansara with this interesting dance performance with a long spro
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