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Will Mom Accused Of Being An Alcoholic Agree To Seek Treatment?

A mom and grandma accused of being an alcoholic meets with a treatment team. See what happens and why emotions get heated. https://www.drphil.com ...

‘I Like Having A Front-Row Seat To Whatever Happens In The World’ – Gayle King, Next ‘Phil In The…

Emmy Award-winning news anchor and the co-host of CBS This Morning, Gayle King, joins Dr. Phil on this week's “Phil in the Blanks” podcast dropping ..

Gayle King Discusses Her Press Pass To Life With Dr. Phil

Gayle King discusses her front row seat to life with Dr. Phil. It is a privilege and responsibility to observe and report and after all these years, s

Phil In The Blanks #19 - Gayle King

Gayle King is a voice of reason, calm and love who has been in our lives for decades now. We count on having her there in the morning to inform us, le

Widower Admits To Sending Thousands Of Dollars To Woman He’s Never Met

A widower admits he's depleted his retirement savings for an online love interest without ever having video chatted or spoken with her on the phone.

Family Claims 80-Year-Old Lost Most Of His Retirement Savings To A Catfish

A man and his wife say they're convinced his 80-year-old father is being catfished by an online scammer. https://www.drphil.com Subscribe to Dr. Phil:

‘She Had All The Traits I Was Looking For,’ Says Man Whose Family Thinks He’s Being Catfished

An 80-year-old man admits he's depleted his retirement savings trying to bring the girlfriend he's never met in person home from Germany.

Family Says 80-Year-Old Has Drained His Retirement Savings For Online Love Scammer

The son and daughter-in-law of an 80-year-old widower say they believe he's drained his retirement savings for an online love scammer. https://www.drp

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‘Official’ Government Documents Or Forgeries? The Tools Of An Internet Scammer

Dr. Phil finds multiple discrepancies in letters a guest says his girlfriend claimed were official documents from the German government demanding fees
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