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The Goodbye Song | The Baby Club

Giovanna and Nigel sing The Baby Club's "Goodbye Song". Join in at home! The Baby Club encourages parents, carers and their babies to explore everyday

Swashbuckle Songs | This one's for the crew

Sing and dance with the Swashbuckle crew! This one's for the crew! Watch full episodes of Swashbuckle on BBC iPlayer ...

Swashbuckle | Captain Hey Ho and Wally The Welly

Captain HeyHo shows Cook and Line her Captain's Cove and introduces them to her best friend Wally The Welly! Watch full episodes of Swashbuckle on BBC

Make a Swashbuckle sock puppet!

Make you own Wally the Welly Swashbuckle sock puppet! You will need - two old socks - one egg box - a sponge - one paper cup - coloured tissue paper .

Swashbuckle | The Captain's Shower

Captain HeyHo enters her cove where miraculously Cook and Line have the shower ready. However Captain HeyHo doesn't realise that Cook and Line's ...

Calming Sounds | Bird Song | CBeebies Radio | 60 minutes

Calming sounds is a brand new collection of audio on CBeebies Radio designed to help your little one relax. The full collection of sounds is available

Swashbuckle | Top 5 Sloppiest Moments +5 minutes

Look at the top 5 sloppiest moments as Swashbuckle proudly presents Top of the Slops! Watch full episodes of Swashbuckle on BBC iPlayer ...

Brand New Maddie's Do You Know: Starts Monday 9th September

Maddie is back to explain how things are made and how they work! Brand New Episodes from Monday 9th September. For full episodes visit ...

CBeebies Moon Prom ???? | Exclusive Preview

Justin is in CBeebies Prom Mission Control completing final checks before the CBeebies Prom. But are the conductor, choir and orchestra Chineke! ready

Swashbuckle | Monster Spotting

Captain HeyHo decides to show the naughty pirates what these monsters look like by singing a song and simultaneously drawing them on her chalkboard.
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