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Could deepfakes weaken democracy? | The Economist

Videos can be faked to make people say things they never actually said. This poses dangers for democracy. Can you spot ALL the deep fake interviews in

Doping in sport: why it can't be stopped | The Economist

Many sports' reputations are being tarnished by doping scandals. The International Olympic Committee and The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) should be

Drugs in sport: can science stop the cheats? | The Economist

Science has made it is easier and faster to detect athletes who dope. So why are illicit performance-enhancing drugs still rife in sport? Read more he

Rugby World Cup: why size matters | The Economist

The Rugby World Cup saw heavier teams take to the pitch than ever before—England's players are on average over 10% heavier than in 1991. So what impac

How to be an activist | The Economist

From climate strikes to Extinction Rebellion, activism is gaining momentum around the world. At The Economist's Open Future Forum we spoke to three ..

Is America right to fear Huawei? | The Economist

America worries that Huawei, China's telecoms giant, spies on behalf of its government and threatens Western interests. Such concerns are not just abo

America v China: why the trade war won't end soon | The Economist

America and China are edging closer to signing a deal in the trade war. But that won't mark the end—the issues at the heart of the conflict will be ve

How modern families increase social inequality | The Economist

Modern families with two working adults are richer than those with a single breadwinner, and can afford to take a different approach to parenting. Thi

US-China trade war: live Q&A with The Economist

What do you want to know about the US-China trade war? Soumaya Keynes, our trade and globalisation editor and Henry Curr, our economics editor, were l

Could impeachment benefit Donald Trump? | The Economist

The impeachment hearings have raised yet more questions about Donald Trump's conduct in office. The Democrats are hoping impeachment will undermine ..
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