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The new scramble for Africa | The Economist

The past decade has seen a big surge of foreign interest in Africa—involving China, India and Russia. If the continent handles this new "scramble" wis

Is this the future of health? | The Economist

Artificial intelligence is already shaping the world, from driverless cars to dating. But according to Dr Eric Topol, a pioneer in digital medicine, p

Why St Patrick's Day went global | The Economist

St Patrick's Day is celebrated by 149m people in America alone. How did Ireland's saint's day become a global event? Click here to subscribe to The Ec

What's the point of NATO? | The Economist

NATO was set up in 1949 to counter the Soviet threat. Its North American and European members must continue to change the alliance if it is to remain

Are lab-grown diamonds the future? | The Economist

Scientists now have the technology to make synthetic diamonds in a laboratory. They are far cheaper than mined stones, but can they replace the real t

Why calories are a con | The Economist

Calorie-counting has been central to people's understanding of weight loss for over a century. Given that the great majority of diets fail—could the c

How happy is your country? | The Economist

Money doesn't buy happiness—or does it? In both India and China people have become richer in the past decade, but global data reveal that greater weal

Why is chicken so cheap? | The Economist

People eat 65 billion chickens every year. It is the fastest-growing meat product. Yet pound for pound the price of chicken has fallen sharply. How ha

Trump's post-Mueller victory spin | The Economist

The summary of Robert Mueller's report appears to have cleared President Trump of collusion with Russia in the 2016 election campaign—though it did no

The hunt for oceans in space | The Economist

Scientists believe there are oceans buried under thick crusts of ice on the moons of Saturn and Jupiter. Sampling them would raise hope of life beyond
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