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The battle for Venezuela's future | The Economist

Venezuela is on the brink. Last week Juan Guaidó proclaimed himself Venezuela's interim president. Nicolás Maduro, the country's despotic leader, clin

Theresa May’s Brexit power struggle, cartooned | The Economist

With a dangerous Brexit deadline looming, our cartoonist KAL contemplates the British Prime Minister's next move. Is this one power struggle Theresa M

What will replace Facebook? | The Economist

Facebook has dominated the social-media landscape for the past 15 years. But breaches of its users' privacy mean it is now slipping out of favour. Cou

The next global arms race? | The Economist

America and Russia have pulled out of the INF, a cold war-era weapons treaty. Why is this significant and what does this mean for global stability? Cl

Can free-cash handouts help society? | The Economist

In parts of California there are plans to give people no-strings-attached cash, whether they have a job or not. It's hoped these trials could be the s

The search for new planets | The Economist

A new space telescope could discover thousands of planets. But will they support life? TESS may reveal the next clues to finding out. Click here to su

How Islam in the West is changing | The Economist

Islamist terrorism has fractured relations between Islam and the West. Robert Guest, our foreign editor, explains how Western Muslims are gradually be

Space: the next frontier for war? | The Economist

President Trump has just announced plans to create a new military Space Force, increasing the prospect of a new theatre of war. How might war in space

Fake news v fact: The battle for truth | The Economist

Smartphones and digital platforms are enabling people to watch the state—uncovering lies and holding the powerful to account. Evidence from open-sourc

Brexit: what would a second referendum look like? | The Economist

Britain's Labour Party has announced it will support a second referendum on Britain leaving the EU. What might be on the ballot? Click here to subscri
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