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Carving a Wooden Cup

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This time I try Carving a wooden cup from dry Spalted Beech! It is a cut off from a slab that i had laying around. Although the wood is quite hard to

Making a Simple Kindling Splitter from Scrap Materials / Beginner Welding Project

Splitting firewood can be dangerous sometimes because your hands are close to the blade especially in the winter when you're using gloves or even when

Turning a Simple Carvers Mallet from Spalted Beech

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This time I'm making a carvers mallet from spalted beech wood on the lathe. The simple shape is ideal when working with different carving chisels whil

Forging a Drawknife from an Old Metal File

I'm making a drawknife from an old file that I found on the scrap yard. After Annealing the file I forged it into the desired shape and bent the tangs

Modern Corner Shelf with Hidden Drawer and Secret Compartment

In this video, I build a Floating Corner Shelf with a Secret compartment and a hidden drawer. If you have any questions about this build, please leave

4 Useful Accessories for Every Drill Press

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Recently I got a new Drill Press and took the time to make it even better with a few and simple upgrades! Big thanks to Scheppach for sponsoring this

Industrial Bar Stool from Seat Belts

I had some old Seat belts laying around and I always wondered how I could repurpose those into something useful. They are more than strong enough to c

Build a Solid and Mobile Outfeed and Assembly Table

Building a sturdy and mobile outfeed table that doubles as an assembly table from 2x4s for the base and an MDF wasteboard on top of 18mm birch plywood

Old Rusty Soft Faced Hammer Restoration [Without grinding]

I found this old soft - faced hammer at my local scrapyard I really like the unique shape and the brass face. Not sure what kind of material the other

Wall Mounted Portable Bandsaw Stand // Perfect for Small Spaces!

This wall mount enables you to use the bandsaw in an upright position so it does not take up any space on your table. But with the help of the stand,
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