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Making an enclosure for my Laser engraver

I got this 2500mW Laser engraver from gearbest .com. To protect it from the dust in the shop and manage the fume extraction I build an enclosure for i

Turning Worthless firewood into Wooden Sphere Art Piece

I dreamed of a wooden sphere sculpture a while ago, and this is how it "turned" out in real life......... Its made of Red Plum wood, which has been in

Modern Wood Desk Lamp

In this video, i will show you how I made this modern desk lamp from a leftover pine beam. It's painted with Matt black spray paint. For the light sou

Making Drink Coasters for Makers Central

I will be at Makers Central event in Birmingham UK 5th-6th May 2018 with a lot of other makers Including Jimmy Diresta, Laura Kampf, and many awesome

Making a 3 way blast gate for shop vac dust collector

I made this triple dust collector blast gate for my new mobile workstation to allow switching between the table saw - router insert and one additional

Make a Digital Depth / Height Gauge

You can use this Depth - Height Gauge On your Table Saw, Router and even to set up Jointer knives. It uses a Cheap Digital Caliper : ( affiliate link:

Lamp From Steel Nuts! Beginner Welding Project

What can I say? This is a very simple project perfect for anyone who wants to start with welding. It's made from steel nuts and 5mm thick steel rod. I

Making a Plywood Suitcase

This Rolling Suitcase is made from a 100cm x 150cm 8mm thick plywood. I used the extendable pull from an old suitcase, the wheels are made from plywoo

Quick and Easy Portable Router Table DIY

A Simple and Quick way to make a router table using just some scrap plywood and a Car Jack as the lift mechanism. You can use it in a moxon vise, scre

Make a Simple Outdoor Chair with Limited Tools - DIY Pallet Wood Project

This simple outdoor chair is made with limited tools from the pallet sofa that I made two years ago for my patio. Since we didn't use it often and it'
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