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Modern LED Tube Light Fixture made from Plywood

Make this modern LED pendant light using a few simple tools, and some 18mm plywood. I used a 5000k LED tube light which most of you use to replace the

Wastebasket from Plywood with woven pattern / Or is it a Lampshade?

Making a trash can from plywood. Or is it a lampshade? Back in 2016, I made a Twisted plywood lamp from cut up strips of 18mm plywood, at that time I

Easy Anvil Stand made from Beams | Or is it the worlds heaviest Nightstand?

I made this Nightstand / Side table / Bedside table (or call it what you like) using reclaimed pine beams and flat steel bar for the industrial look.

Dual Burner Propane Gas Forge build

Building a Gas forge with Dual Burners. The forge is easy to disassemble and transport it can be used with or without the stand. The forge stand has a

Forging Basic Blacksmiths Tongs | Beginner Blacksmithing Project

This is my First blacksmithing project so if I can do it you can make them too! In total, I used about 300mm of 25mm x 6 mm mild steel flat bar for th

Making a Hook Knife from Broken Car Spring

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Car springs are made from steel that would be quite suitable for making tools, they are also cheap or you can get them for free from your local car me

Building a Fire Pit / Grill from Scrap materials

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I made this Simple wood burning Fire pit from scrap that I had laying around. Including an old washing machine drum, some steel pipes, and an old cast

Making a Bench that turns into a Double Bed

This Bench easily folds out to become a Double size bed, Ideal for small living spaces. And you can store all the parts and the air mattress under the

Radically modifying a DiResta Ice Pick... DirestaOfUs #10

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There are so many uses for an Ice pick other than picking some Ice! This video is a part of the #DIRESTAOFUS video collaboration Started By Brian Lane

Making a Floor standing LED Lamp from Scrap Steel

I made this floor standing lamp from a steel scrap that I had laying around my shop, this was also the perfect opportunity to try out my new Plasma Cu
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