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Probably the Easiest Router Sled out there ( Flattening a Live Edge Slab without a Planer)

Making a simple and cheap router sled for flattening boards and slabs. This jig allows you to joint and plane bigger boards that won't fit in your pla

Making an Outdoor Table from Plywood and Steel

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This table started as a Resin inlay table made from 18mm, 12mm plywood and 60mm steel square tubing for the legs. After some issues with the resin, I

Art piece from Scrap wood | Plywood Bowl Experiment

I have a bunch of scrap plywood pieces laying around in my shop. As you may know, I like to use plywood to make unusual items from it. This time I try

Making an LED Backlit Wall Art from Pallet wood

In this video, I'll show you how to make a decorative Art piece for your wall with some LED backlight from pallets. In the shape of an audio soundwave

Making a Segmented Plywood bowl / Plywood bowl experiment #2

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Experiment #2 This time I wanted to make a segmented bowl just using plywood. the bowl has seven rings and each ring consists of 12 segments that are

Making a Wooden Block Plane from Firewood

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A while ago I bought this plane blade on a Fleamarket. Now I took some time to make a Block plane body to use it. I used a piece of Beech firewood whi

Making a Simple Desk with Hidden Drawer

I use some wooden table legs and a piece of the leftover countertop that I found a while ago in a dumpster. With the use of some pine and plywood left

Simple Box Joint Jig for the Router Table

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This is a simple way to build a jig that makes it possible to cut box joints also known as finger joints on your router table ( Build video for mine:

Modern LED Tube Light Fixture made from Plywood

Make this modern LED pendant light using a few simple tools, and some 18mm plywood. I used a 5000k LED tube light which most of you use to replace the

Wastebasket from Plywood with woven pattern / Or is it a Lampshade?

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Making a trash can from plywood. Or is it a lampshade? Back in 2016, I made a Twisted plywood lamp from cut up strips of 18mm plywood, at that time I
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