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How to cover ugly walls for free (almost)

I'm tired of looking at my neighbor's ugly wall so I decided to cover it with the pallets and a few pine beams that I have. I didn't use any finish on

How to Make a Beautiful Bowl from Worthless Log

In this video, I'll show you how to turn a piece of firewood into a beautiful pierced Bowl. I rough turned the Poplar log in 2016 to a wall thickness

Ultimate Welding Cart with Folding Table Extension

I make this welding cart to fit my Mastroweld MIG-250MI Multi purpose welder. I wanted also a small table where I can weld inside and outdoors. Due to

Making a Metal Drill Press Vise

I don't want to use my plywood drill press vise for drilling in metal so I took a couple offcuts from my previous build. The max dimensions that can f

Making a Custom Brass Holster for my Leatherman Multi tool

Always loved the look of brass, especially when paired with Stainless steel. Why not upgrade my Leatherman Surge with a sexy brass holster? As the sof

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Scrap Wood Pizza Boards

These simple Pizza boards can be made from just some scrap wood pieces, you can make them easily with just some simple hand tools like a hand plane to

Making a Plywood Stitching Pony / Wooden Vise for Leatherworking

Simple to make Stitching Pony made from plywood. I want to try myself on some leatherworking in the near future which involves lots of stitching as we

Making a Simple Leather Belt/ Beginner leatherworking project

How to make a simple but good looking leather belt from Veg-Tan leather. Without a need for stitching or leather carving, just with some stamps and ho

Probably the Easiest Router Sled out there ( Flattening a Live Edge Slab without a Planer)

Making a simple and cheap router sled for flattening boards and slabs. This jig allows you to joint and plane bigger boards that won't fit in your pla
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