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Vancouver's Derek Kwan introduces #CBCNextUp

Deep down inside, do you want to make people laugh? Subscribe for more comedy: Follow CBC Comedy: On Twitter: ...

Montreal's Moving Mind Studio introduce #CBCNextUp

What's funnier? A hippo wearing a bra, or a rhino wearing a thong? Subscribe for more comedy: Follow CBC Comedy: On .

Tracy from Cape Breton introduces #CBCNextUp

If you love making people roar like Tracy does, then you should probably enter! Subscribe for more comedy: Follow CBC

Cavendish Episode 5, "Charlottetown Nights"

A day trip to the big city turns into a dangerous nightmare for Mark, Andy, and Molly. ➤ Stream full episodes of Cavendish, for free, on CBC Gem: ...

How to enter CBC Comedy's NEXT UP

Here's a step-by-step guide for entering #CBCNextUp. Subscribe for more comedy: Follow CBC Comedy: On Twitter: ...

Cavendish's Mark and Andy On... Childhood Romance

Do you ever run away from a date? Mark Little and Andy Bush compare young love and modern dating. See more Mark and Andy on Cavendish, Tuesdays at ...

Edmonton Catfished

Tired of guys posing next to big trucks and fish in their dating profiles? So was she. Subscribe for more comedy: Fol

Cavendish Episode 6, "The Coven"

Mark convinces Andy to join the local Coven with him to have some fun. But when Andy fits in better than Mark, the latter starts a much more sinister

Cavendish Episode 7, "The Story of Ruth"

After Rollie suffers yet another heart attack, Andy hires a caregiver who seems perfect. But how does Ruth feel about this? ➤ Stream full episodes of

Cavendish Episode 8, "It's an Andyful Life"

Andy wonders what his life would be like without Mark, leading to a series of dark events that could change his life forever. Subscribe for more comed
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