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Ellie and the Magic Makeover Rock!

Ellie accidentally buys a Magic Makeover rock online! The magic rock causes a lot of mischief by changing her outfits to some really crazy styles! Wil

Alexis and the Pop Star

This weeks theme on SSG is My Dream Life. Alexis has always dreamed of being a Pop Star until one day she meets Lucy Layne, a famous Pop Star and ...

Sleepover and the Dream Goggles!

This week's theme on SevenSuperGirls is “Dream Life!” Ashlynn invited a few of her characters over for a sleep over. Later Ashlynn is awakened by all

Is Ella Already Living The Dream Life?

Ella's friends seem to have their lives all planned out, but she hasn't given too much thought about it until now. Ella explores the idea of being a m

Roberta's Robot Dreams!?!

This weeks Theme on SevenSuperGirls is Dream Life!!! Brianna was having the most boring day when she suddenly hears the door bell ring right on time.

Jaidyn Doesn't Know She's Dreaming!

Jaidyn comes home from a long day at the beach and dozes off but when she starts dreaming, she thinks it's real life!!! She meets some of her friends

Mimi and The Surprising Dream Life!

Mimi decides to hang out with her friend Emri at Emri's house. While Mimi is at Emri's house she can't help but notice all the cool things Emri has, l

Ellie Lives the Dream Life!

Ellie wakes up to a number of notes which tell her exactly how she's going to live her dream life today! She gets to stay home from school, sleep in s

Alexis and the Ladybug

This weeks theme on SSG is New Fairy Tale. Alexis saves a Ladybug from being stepped on and the Ladybug is so grateful she grants her 3 wishes. Will A

Mixed Up Wacky Fairytale!

This week's theme on SSG is New Fairytale! Ashlynn is tired of hearing of all the old classic fairytales such as cinderella and snow white so she deci
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