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ELECTRIC Korean Face Mask?! (Beauty Break)

We went to KCon Los Angeles and all we got were these weird Korean face masks…including the bluetooth-powered, Secret 810 smart mask that uses electri

Best & Worst Dressed 2018 Emmys (Dirty Laundry)

The 70th Emmy Awards happened last night and all our favorite TV stars came to celebrate - it's time to review the best & worst fashion from the red c

Opening the $60,000 EMMYS Gift Bag!! (Beauty Break)

Who needs an Emmy statue when you can get electric-powered heelies? Or, y'know, free luxury vacations and expensive spa treatments if that's more your

World's HOTTEST Chocolate Bar Challenge ft. Vat19! (Cheat Day)

Who will win & who will survive?? This Hottest Chocolate Bar challenge goes horribly, horribly wrong...fast. Check out Vat19's Hottest Chocolate Tour

Celebs’ FAVORITE Makeup Products – Ariana Grande, Lili Reinhart & More! (Beauty Break)

Today's episode is brought to you by Toyota! https://toyota.us/2wyoZTJ From Shay Mitchell's super affordable moisturizer to the mysterious eyelashes t

Getting Ready With... Amber Rose

Entertainer, model & activist Amber Rose stopped by the studio with celebrity makeup artist Bryan Mendez to talk her everyday glam routine, beauty sec

Trying the ROSE GOLD Clay Mask Facial!! (Beauty Trippin)

We tried the rose gold facial that shrinks large pores AND makes your face as pink & shiny as the back of an iPhone! SUBSCRIBE for MORE beauty & weird

Best & Worst Dressed New York Fashion Week 2018 (Dirty Laundry)

From Cardi B to the Hadid sisters, we're reviewing all the best & worst celebrity outfits from the fall New York Fashion Week (and our all favorite NY

10 WEIRD Car Accessories From Amazon?! (Beauty Break)

Straighten your hair, brew some coffee, and even throw a party on-the-go with these strange but handy CAR GADGETS!! SUBSCRIBE for MORE weirdness ...

MEAN GIRLS Themed Food w/ Jonathan Bennett! (Cheat Day)

IF YOU'RE READING THIS - COMMENT YOUR FAVE MEAN GIRLS QUOTE!! Get in losers – it's October 3 (AKA Mean Girls Day) and Jonathan Bennett (AKA ...
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