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Girl has nervous breakdown over tumbleweeds

My girlfriend freaks out while driving through tumbleweeds at night. Phobias are serious, but I just couldn't stop laughing! Recorded with an iPhone.

Talking Kitty Cat 18 - No Kitty Food

In this episode, Sylvester the Talking Kitty Cat is disappointed once again as his owner (Steve Cash) forgets to keep cat food in the cupboard. In a c

Talking Kitty Cat - Good News & Bad News

Sylvester the talking kitty cat will go to drastic measures to get his wet food, while Random kitty learns about a family member who might be joining

Talking Kitty Cat 22- Dogs Can't Talk

In this episode, Sylvester the talking kitty cat is confronted about a speaker wire that was chewed up while Steve (Stevecash83) was at work. Sylveste

Sylvester's Diary - Penguins

Secret, private diary. Please don't read this.

Talking Kitty Cat 5.5 - Meet Gibson!

Sylvester the talking kitty cat and Shelby the Black Lab puppy welcome home their new family member! A cute kitten called Gibson! And by welcome, they

Talking Kitty Cat 19 - Sylvester Goes To Jail

In this episode, Sylvester the talking kitty cat wants out of the house. After his owner (Steve Cash) gives in and opens the front door, the kitty run

Talking Kitty Cat 43 - Random Kitten

Sylvester the talking kitty cat showcases his latest act of kitten terrorism when he confronts "Random Kitten" in the kitchen. By Stevecash83, Flaggle

4Steves - Meaner Kitty Song Attempt

In this episode of the 4Steves, Steve attempts to play an acoustic version of the Meaner Kitty Song. When one of the Steves encounters technical probl

Talking Kitty Cat 45 - Trippin Ballz 2016

Sylvester finds a new way to abuse catnip after Steve agrees to make up for missing his birthday party. Shelby gets her feelings hurt, Gibson tries to
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