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Five Thousand Miles, International Growth Opportunities - International Business Vlog 99

Five Thousand Miles (5TM) is the leading European expert in corporate growth and international business development. Companies and individuals working

Changing lives through the Evolution Program! - International Business Vlog 100

The Evolution Program, part of the social development effort by Five Thousand Miles senior management, including the CEO, Pedro Hipólito, aims to addr

Making big money working part-time in Nigeria - International Business Vlog 101

Five Thousand Miles' Field Operative Program has been changing lives in Africa, especially in Nigeria. In this video, get to know Caleb, one of our to

How to stabilize partnerships - International Business Vlog 102

How to stabilize partnerships -Trust is an asset for human relationships - both business and personal relationships. Recorded: 2018-06-29 Instagram: .

President Macron in Africa - International Business Vlog 103

Macron is a visionary leader of Europe that truly understands the opportunities of Africa and that is proactive engaging both at the African political

Give first. Then ask! - International Business Vlog 104

Today's span of attention is very short. To capture the attention of someone you've to give first and fast what that person wants. Then, you should as

A successful partnership - International Business Vlog 105

The CEO of Papersoft, a multinational technology corporation, speaks about his partnership with Five Thousand Miles. Instagram: ...

International business development services - International Business Vlog 106

Five Thousand Miles business development service enables world class companies to grow fast by expanding internationally to fast growing African marke

How to raise capital - International Business Vlog 107

To attract capital is in fact to attract people. Recorded: 2018-07-16 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pedro.ferreira.hipolito Twitter: ...

How to attract people - International Business Vlog 108

Practical tips on how to attract people particularly on a perspective of how to attract investors. 1. Get in front of that person; 2. Capture the atte
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