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Loft Conversions Wimbledon

Looking for loft conversions in Wimbledon, London? At GBS Architectural, we ensure that every design avenue is pursued in our role as loft conversion specialists Call GBS Architectural loft conversions Wimbledon specialist team today for a no obligat

  • Sep 22 2022
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Rear loft extensions are considered permitted development providing they conform to the following:
  • The additional roof volume created should not exceed 40m3 for attached houses and 50m3 for detached semi-detached houses (the original house).
  • The additional roof construction must NOT exceed the existing height of the roof or the original house.
  • Any window on the side elevation must NOT be opening below 1.7m from the finished floor level and have obscured glazing.
  • The additional roof construction must be set back at least 200mm from the face of the external wall, distance measured along the roof plane.
  • Balconies, Verandas or raised platforms are NOT permitted.


Front loft extensions are NOT permitted development.



Side loft extensions are NOT permitted development.

You may have seen numerous loft conversions in London and wondered whether your new build, or period, property could accommodate a loft conversion. When you bought your home, it might have seemed like the perfect size, but life can quickly change with the addition of children, and you may find yourself wondering if adding a room at the top of the house could prevent you from outgrowing your home. 

New Build Loft Conversion

Due to the construction methods used for new build homes compared to older properties, adding a loft conversion can be more challenging. This is why you will want to work with an architectural designer, such as GBS Architectural, to guide you through the process. It is likely that steels will be required to convert your loft to ensure the roof remains adequately supported.

Once you have decided to convert your loft, you want to make the most of the room you create. At GBS Architectural, we ensure that every design avenue is pursued in our role as loft conversion specialist. When you work with us, you can be assured that your design will be anything but dull. We take into consideration your space requirements, taste and the functionality you have been dreaming of.

Functional Design

Whilst many people think a loft conversion simply adds a bedroom, the space that you create can be used for whatever you desire. Living rooms, games rooms, libraries and galleries can all be created in your unused loft, adding another dimension to your home.

We work carefully on every design to ensure that a loft extension is both visually appealing and functional. Built in storage, space for an en suite, and the addition of dormers all ensure you can use the space within your loft to its full potential. 


Although you may not be trying to add value to your home, adding an additional room is likely to have an effect on what your house is worth. Our architectural designers can offer advice on how your plans might be viewed by estate agents or prospective buyers.

To speak to a member of our loft conversion specialist team, call GBS Architectural today for a no-obligation chat on 020 3384 9464.

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