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The Inspiring Journey Of A Woman In Tech: An Interview With A Ukrainian Head Of SEO

Explore the empowering journey of a Ukrainian woman excelling in the tech industry as the Head of SEO. Gain insights into her experiences, challenges, and achievements in this exclusive interview.

  • Jan 16 2024
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In a male-dominated tech industry, stories of women breaking the glass ceiling are not just inspiring. They are also essential to drive change. Hacker Noon has an aim to celebrate the stellar contributions of women and encourage more girls to follow their tech dreams. For that, it has launched a series of interviews featuring women in tech. Here are some insights into the fascinating journey of a Ukrainian technical specialist in Seo Link building services 

Meet the Tech Specialist 

Our protagonist is a trailblazer in the field of search engine optimization (SEO), hailing from Ukraine. Her journey into the heart of IT commenced in 2011 with website creation and management. As she added digital marketing skills to her portfolio, she secured her first position as an SEO specialist for the large Ukrainian firm, Govit all, in 2014.Not content with just being a junior SEO, she steadily advanced her career to become an SEO product and team manager. In 2020, she further solidified her specialization as an SEO specialist in Belkin's. It is a B2B US/Ukrainian company. The following year ushered in a promotion that made her the head of an SEO department comprising over seven professionals. Despite facing war-related disruptions to growth plans, she elegantly managed her transition to the UK. From here, she continues to contribute to the tech activities of the Edinburgh Bike Coop.

Choosing a Career in Tech 

Her fascination with the digital world and an intrinsic desire to be part of it fueled her journey into the tech industry. Self-tutored in CSS and HTML and equipped with a background in psychology, she found SEO as the perfect career suited to her skills and inclinations. As she delved deeper into the intricacies of search engine optimization, she recognized the pivotal role of link building in enhancing online visibility. Her comprehensive understanding of Google's SEO algorithms, particularly elements rooted in cognitive psychology, gave her a unique advantage over others in not only optimizing website content but also strategically incorporating link building strategies for maximum impact. 

Exciting Tech Trends and Concerns 

Our tech maven is deeply passionate about AI and its potential to revolutionize performance strategies. The contemporary emphasis on skilled AI operators predicts a promising future with a superior range and quality of information. However, her concerns lie with the potentially harmful impact of information technologies and media. The specter of information warfare and its dreadful implications are aspects she worries about. 

Personal Interests 

A lover of nature, she enjoys yoga, swimming, hiking, and exploring cities known for their ancient and beautiful architecture. She cherishes her time unwinding with friends and family. 

Overcoming Gender Barriers 

Breaking barriers as a woman in tech wasn't always easy. Establishing her authority over male tech geeks often demanded proof of her professionalism. Stories of career progression struggles in male-dominated setups were rather common. 

Addressing the Gender Gap 

In addressing gender issues in the tech industry, it is essential to recognize and navigate the complexities that contribute to the imbalance. One perspective posits that these challenges may stem from men's apprehension about being influenced by what is perceived as 'women's charm.' This psychological dimension underscores the importance of implementing comprehensive remedial measures. One avenue to consider is incorporating an SEO strategy that not only promotes diversity and inclusion but also enhances the visibility of initiatives aimed at bridging the gender gap. Companies can bolster these efforts by providing additional psychological support for women navigating the unique challenges they may face. Simultaneously, fostering awareness and encouraging a shift in behavior, where women assert themselves effectively, can be pivotal in cultivating a more equitable and inclusive tech environment. 

Tech Idol and Advice for Aspiring Girls 

Inspired by Elizabeth Churchill's involvement with Google users’ paths and features, she encourages aspiring young women to be realistic and professional, possessing self-esteem while possessing a clear awareness of their strengths and weaknesses. According to her, the ability to opt for workplaces that appreciate their value is indispensable for a healthy professional life.

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