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Online gambling has been on the scene since 1990s and is continuing to grow as more games and sports are being introduced. Gambling is anywhere as long as there is a battle of chance and skill thus creating a vaster platform worldwide.

One recent milestone in online gambling is the rise of electronic sports. Esports is a form of tournament or competition using the result of an advancement in technology, i.e., video games. It is a multiplayer video game played by professional gamers across the globe.


Understanding Esports

Esports or electronic sports is a multiplayer video game played by casual and professional gamers. As the world is becoming more advanced and modernized, esports is also becoming more competitive. Casual gamers’ reason in playing video games is to have fun but the more they play the more likely they harness their skills hence becoming a professional gamer.

Esports is quite underrated because of the stigma attached to the society wherein people only think of it as just a “kid-game” comparing to that of physical sports. However, just recently, the esports community proved that it is more than just a computer or video game. Hundreds of millions of people are now enjoying to play and spectate in esports tournaments making it one of the world’s fastest growing sport because of its amazing viewing figures.

Tournaments held every year for various type of esports and Poker IDN that offer a very huge prize pool of millions of dollars is one reason why this niche should have a recognition they deserve. And since this community is growing, the demand on services of online casinos will clearly increase.


How to bet in Esports?

Esports betting is new to online gambling world yet it’s already popular. Many gamers and esports enthusiasts are more likely to have their bets online since it is so easy and convenient. You can bet in every game and to other mechanics as well. There are actually several ways to bet on esports and some are as follows:

  • Real Money Betting – this betting is like the traditional sports betting in which you agree to risk your money with the odds that your bias team will win. You place real money and win once your predictions are correct.
  • Skin Betting – skin betting or item betting is the most well-known and most used form of betting among esports fan. Hero skin or item can be used in playing to customize your character’s appearance. It is associated with a price on the market in which it can be bought, sold, or traded. Thus, putting it on online betting sites will give you a chance to win more of that same item or other item with the same value.
  • Social Betting – social betting is also popular in esports because it usually takes place between two parties agreeing to pay something in any form with or without a middle man. This type of betting is quite risky because it usually happens that the losing party will not follow what has been agreed and will never pay you what he owes. So this betting is not really advisable unless you really trust the person you’re transacting with.


No matter which type of betting you choose, always make sure your site is reliable. Trust only those reputable and legit sites to keep your assets safe.


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