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5 Days Of Learning New Skills | Try Living With Lucie | Refinery29

This week on Try Living With Lucie, our host, Lucie Fink tries 5 days of learning a new skill each day. She educates herself every day on a new subjec

What $1,500 Will Get You In NYC | Sweet Digs | Refinery29

On this week's Sweet Digs, we tour the Chinatown apartment of artist, Bianca. Her minimalist home is light, bright, and one of a kind. Watch the lates

Jackie Aina Picks My Makeup | Beauty With Mi | Refinery29

On this special episode of Beauty With Mi, our host, Mi-Anne Chan has her makeup chosen for her by YouTube creator, Jackie Aina! Jackie, the award win

Why I Got My Lips Tattooed | Macro Beauty | Refinery29

On this episode of Macro Beauty, we follow one woman's journey towards tattooing her lips for the first time. She opts for this permanent makeup proce

The Truth About Black Female Friendships | Go Off Sis | Refinery29

This week on Go Off Sis, our guests discuss the what really makes black female friendships. These women break down just how special these relationship

Get Ready With Victoria's Secret Model Josephine Skriver | Get Glam | Refinery29

This week on Get Glam, we get ready with model Josephine Skriver as she prepares for the Harper's Icons Ball. Her team of hair and makeup artists tran

I Tried Being A Food Instagrammer That Makes Over $300,000 | Lucie For Hire | Refinery29

This week on Lucie For Hire, our host, Lucie Fink tries her hand at becoming a food Instagrammer. She shadows a cake Instagrammer and learns how to cr

What $600k To $1 Million Will Get You In L.A. | Sweet Digs | Refinery29

This week on Sweet Digs, we tour the home of YouTube creator and influencer, Sophia Chang. Her recently purchased Los Angeles home is full of natural

I Tried $275 Of Sephora Collection's Makeup | Beauty With Mi | Refinery29

On this episode of Beauty With Mi, our host Mi-Anne Chan tests out Sephora collection's top rated beauty products. She tries the Sephora brand fan fav

What's In Kyra Santoro's Bag | Spill It | Refinery29

This week on Spill It, we take a peek inside model Kyra Santoro's bag. She shares the favorites that she stores inside her Gucci crossbody bag! Press
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