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Chris Harris on... the Aston Martin DBX | Top Gear

Aston Martin's first ever SUV was always going to divide opinion. So here's Chris Harris, a man with opinion, giving his opinion on this opinion divid

FIRST LOOK: McLaren Elva | Top Gear

Top Gear Magazine's Jack Rix takes us for a tour around the new £1400000 windscreen-less McLaren - named after Bruce McLaren's original racer - the El

Is the new Toyota Supra too... 'BMW'? | Top Gear: Series 27

The new Toyota Supra was co-developed with BMW, but is it too, um, BMW? Well Paddy loves it, and Harris likes it too, but... Subscribe to Top Gear for

TRAILER: Top Gear Nepal Christmas Special 2019

Top Gear is back with a very special, um, Christmas Special. Paddy, Freddie and Chris head to Nepal to test out three £5k future-proof 'city cars' of

Chris Harris' 'Unexpected' Opinion on the Mustang Mach E | Top Gear

Remember when people were up in arms about Ford putting a four-cylinder turbo in the Mustang? Well, now they're really stoking the fire by plonking a

"Is that an Aston Martin?" Chris Harris on... the Ferrari Roma | Top Gear

Ferrari have released five new cars in 2019 and Chris Harris thinks that's too much. But does the new Ferrari Roma's fuss-free design cut through the

Chris Harris' (VERY FAST) Car Buying Advice | Top Gear: Series 27

What cars to buy and what cars NOT to buy. Small sports cars, estate cars, hot hatches, lightweight British sports cars - Harris has the answers. Subs

Freddie CRASHES and ROLLS The Overtaker | Top Gear: Series 27

Freddie Flintoff had a 'bump' or two this series. Here he is having a 'moment' in The Overtaker in an off-road race against a Land Rover Discovery. Su

TRAILER: New TOP GEAR 2020 | Top Gear: Series 28

The boys are back with a new series of Top Gear for 2020 and here's the first look at what's coming. With more drifts, challenges and adventures than

Preview: 'Bonkers' Roads | Nepal Special | Top Gear

"Look at the road... it's bonkers" Preview of the Top Gear Nepal special, airing Sunday 29 December, 9pm, BBC Two Subscribe to Top Gear for more video
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