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Battery-Operated DIY Gearbox From Cardboard

Do you know how a gearbox work? Slime Sam didn't know it, so his friend Sue decided to make a real gearbox from cardboard to demonstrate how it works.

Assembling Turtle Terrarium For Two Cute Red Eared Turtles

Thanks to all the comments of our viewers, slime Sam and his friend Sue got a new terrarium for their pet red-eared turtles. However, slime Sam had a

Huge L.O.L. Surprise | 50 Surprises | Fizz Shells With Charms

Slime Sam and his friend Sue are fans of L.O.L. dolls. They have already unboxed so many of them: L.O.L. Pearl Surprise Turquoise Edition ...

DIY Modern Piggy Bank For Cash And Coins

Slime Sam is a very good friend. He wants to save some money and to buy his friend Sue a big L.O.L. case, because he knows how much Sue loves L.O.L. d

The Best Unicorn Crafts TO MAKE YOUR DAY MAGICAL

Unicorn mood!???? Slime Sam is under the rainbow spell and can't stop making unicorn DIYs and unicorn slime! HELP HIM!???????? 0:10 - Unicorn School S

Baby Born Surprise Unboxing | Waking Up The Cutest Baby Toys

Slime Sam and his friend Sue bring cuteness to a new level as they unbox 5 sweet Baby Born Surprise dolls. Each little baby toy is wrapped into an ado

Add More Color To Your Room Decor With These Abstract Paintings

Welcome to another painting lesson from slime Sam and his friend Sue! This time they are using acrylic paint to create bright paintings that will give

DIY Cardboard Whack-A-Mole | Cats Approve

Cats are amazing animals. They are beautiful and graceful. But they can also keep their owners up all night. It's because of their instincts, they lik

Bouncy, Floating And Squishy Flush Force Series 2 Toys

Slime Sam and his friend Sue are back to unbox Flush Force Series 2 sets - Yucky Urinal and Bizarre Bathtub! Join them in this bathroom adventure if y

Basketball Or Tic-Tac-Toe? No Need To Choose With This DIY Game!

Slime Sam loves basketball. He loves it so much he wants to play it all day long. But playing it at home isn't a very good thing to do, right? Especia
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