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3 Brilliant DIY Ideas from Cardboard

The TOP 3 cardboard crafts on YouTube! DIY Rat Maze , Candy Machine and Cookie Machine ! Join the fun! #howto, #funnyanimals Slick Slime Sam ...

Scruff-A-Luvs: Wash and Watch A Dirty Ball Become a Plushie

Walking in a park, Sue finds something quite unusual - a dirty fluffy ball with large eyes that clearly needs some care and loving! She washes it and

Turn Water Into Jelly And Create Pictures With ORB JELLI WORLDZ

Sam and Sue take picture-making to a new level! They use ORB JELLI WORLDZ sets to create 3D pictures in a jar full of transparent jelly (not edible).

How to Make Plant vs Zombies Game from Cardboard

Slime Sam is really into zombie games. And he wants them in real life, not on the phone or a computer. That's why he and his human friend Sue start ma

TASTE THE RAINBOW! Funny Colorful Crafts

CRAZY KIDS DIY - Rainbow food, Lego with Skittles and magic painting technique ... Say WHAAT?? Slick Slime Sam and his pet human Sue LOVE LOVE ..

Bratz Becomes LOL: DIY Doll Transformation

Sue and Samantha are sisters, but they enjoy completely different things. Sue likes reading, Samantha likes video games. Sue likes drawing, Samantha p

We Make Bubble Gum!!! Easy DIY How To Make Gumballs

What can be better than chewing gum? Homemade chewing gum, of course! Sam and Sue try out a really cool gum making kit. It has everything you need: gu

How to Make Amazing Candy Dispenser from Cardboard

Slime Sam wants to go to a slime ball. But evil stepmother made him clean all day and sort Skittles and M&Ms instead. Sam is sad. But then a fairy god

Unboxing NEW Hatchimals Collegtibles with Slime Sam

Limited edition Hatchimals VS a GIANT HATCHIMAL! Unboxing NEW collectibles!???? In this funny video compilation, Slick Slime Sam and I (his pet huma

How To Make A Mini Crossbow At Home

Sam and Sue read a book about Medieval knight tournaments, where knights competed in precision. Sam wants to hold a tournament like that at home. Sue
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