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Donuts Served! DIY Cardboard Vending Machine

Slime Sam loves donuts. Do you? Then you'll love this Dunkin' Donuts vending machine! You can make it yourself and serve donuts in style. Or just have

Unboxing A Huge L.O.L. Surprise! Unicorn Capsule

Slime Sam and his friend Sue found an unusual L.O.L. Surprise! set to unbox - a huge Unicorn capsule! Sam suspects it's a fake, but Sue still wants to

DIY Hamster Maze With Pringles Can And Spinner Obstacles

Slime Sam adores his pet hamster Ginger. Sam loves watching Ginger pass mazes. And Ginger does that really well. That's why Sam convinced his friend S

Candylocks: Dolls With Fluffy Long Hair

What is this sweet smell? It smells like cotton candy... Oh! It's a whole bunch of Candylocks dolls! Slime Sam brought his friend Sue a box full of th

DIY Cardboard Pringles Dispenser For 3 Flavors

Have you ever tried to get the last chips out of a Pringles can? You either get crumbs all over or your hand gets stuck inside. That's what happened t

Wash The Fuzz Off And Reveal Cute Pets | L.O.L. Surprise! Unboxing

Slime Sam and his friend Sue love pets. They also love L.O.L. Surprise! That's why they decided to unbox L.O.L. Surprise! Fuzzy pets. Each pet comes i

Mini Bricks For Big Impression: Building A Mini Oven

Slime Sam is an awesome brick layer! Otherwise, why would he need a whole box of real mini bricks? But he needs some help from his friend Sue to make

DIY Spirograph Drawing Machine From Cardboard

Sue loves drawing with a Spirograph. But her friend slime Sam is too bored to wait for his turn. So he steals all the Spirograph parts from Sue. It's

Unboxing Flower Girls | BLUME Dolls

Slime Sam and his friend Sue are unboxing new adorable dolls. They are called Blume and you can grow them out of little pots. Groot is helping Sam and

Amazing Water Bottle Maze For A Cat And A Hamster

Slime Sam has been watching his cat Fluffy for a whole day only to find that the cat is rather lazy and prefers lying on the couch to running around a
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