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Simple Hacks To Repair Your Home || Smart Repair Tips And Tools

  • 9 hours ago
On this occasion, we will discover artistic tricks and ideas to repair anything in your house while having fun and using many ...

Spy Hacks And Tricks || Funny Ideas For Real Spies

  • 8 hours ago
Is there a secret you want to keep? Or perhaps a mystery you want to uncover? Then, you've come to the right place. In this video, you'll find all kin

DIY Trash-Eating Patrick From Cardboard

  • 22 hours ago
This video has English subtitles for your convenience! Check out Slime Sam's Community Tab and see his best pictures, funny ...

Remake A Doll Into A Sea Maiden

  • 6 hours ago
Hi, guys! Welcome to Sue and Sam's makeup room! Today we are going to create the Little Mermaid who we think would be ...

Is It Possible To Draw With Wool?

  • 16 hours ago
Usually, for drawing everyone uses paints, markers, or pencils. But today is a special day! We decided to try something new and ...

DIY String Art Vase For Your Flowers

  • 20 hours ago
Surprise gifts are an amazing thing. But waking up too early to the sounds of a gift being made can be a bit frustrating. That's what happened when sl

Check Out This Cutie! O.M.G. Neonlicious Fashion Doll + 20 Surprises Inside Blind Box!

  • 9 hours ago
Sam came just in time! Today we are unboxing NEW L.O.L. Surprise - O.M.G Neonlicious Fashion Doll! And 20 surprises inside! We'll unbox her accessorie

Cardboard Printing Machine That Can Easily Customize Your Clothes!

  • 12 hours ago
Do you know, guys, that nearly every famous person has their own merch? So, Sammy thought that his fans would also like to have something with his per

Yummy Recipes With Chocolate And Caramel || Awesome Ways To Decorate Your Desserts

  • 4 hours ago
It is delicious to enjoy a hot chocolate accompanied by a tasty dessert on cloudy and cold days. You can cheer up your best friends on any sad day by

26 Delicious Dessert Ideas You Should Know

  • 20 hours ago
FUN SWEET RECIPES FOR EVERYONE Today we're here to bring some sweetness into your life! We've put together this video with the tastiest and most fun .
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