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EXPERIMENT: Hatching Eggs from a Grocery Store (Part II)

They're finally here, guys! The eggs have hatched and now we have a bunch of adorable baby quails! Quails are amazing birds. Did you know that quails

How to Build an ANT FARM AT HOME

WOW! Slime Sam and Sue do an unboxing video today! But you'll never guess what they are opening! Ready? It's an ant farm! That's right! After making f

MINI PARTY CANNON for Slick Slime Sam

Sam wants to celebrate! Doesn't even matter what. He tries to use a balloon for that, but it doesn't come out the way he wants. He's upset, but Sue wo


Sue is taking part in a school charity fair. And she needs some easy crafts because she doesn't have much time to make them. Sam is there to help her,

School Pranks And Life Hacks

Have you ever been bored in class? Have you ever wished you could text your friend or listen to your favorite music, but your teacher watches you very

How to Make Coca Cola Soda Fountain Machine with 3 Different Drinks at Home

One day slime Sam discovers that his best human friend Sue is making a craft without him. It turns out that Sue is making a secret project and she won


Ever heard of icicles that are hot to the touch? No? Well, mad professor Slime Sam is ready to take you on an exciting journey! You'll learn how to ma

Whats in my backpack?! 10 Awesome School Life Hacks

Weird school hacks are back! In this episode, Sime Sam and I will show you the most recent (and the most sneaky!) life hacks for school, beauty tips a

Keep Your Secrets Safe With This DIY CARDBOARD CRYPTEX

Slime Sam and his human friend Sue are reading an exciting story, about secrets and mysteries and action. Sam is very impressionable, so he's complete

FRIENDLY GHOST and Slick Slime Sam

Sam has just watched Ghostbusters and now it's really easy to spook him. So easy that Sue can't even blink without setting him off! But there is a sol
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