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How To Make A Rat Trap From Cardboard

Looks like Sam and Sue have a new rat! It's very curious and loves sweets! But this rat is stealing Sam's candy. Sam is very upset, because candy is h

Beautiful Snowlicious Doll & Little Sister | L.O.L. Surprise Unboxing!

Hi, guys! Today we invite you to a Snow Party! Or rather Snowlicious party. And it suits one of our favorite O.M.G. dolls and this is the WINTERDISCO

Money From The Blaster | Easy Cardboard Craft

Sammy wants to be a cool rapper! Who doesn't want to, right? And he even performed his first song. Fans are cheering, coins are ringing! But Sue think

Paint Awesome Landscape Using Different Techniques

Sammy decided to go camping. And he has everything for real: a fire, a tent, and other necessary things! There is only one thing missing to create tha

DIY Walking Robot With Cart For A Hamster

Sam and Sue had a garage sale! But there were a few things that they didn't sell. Sam thinks that stuff should be thrown out and the box emptied. But

How To Build A Windmill

Farmers Sam and Sue planted some wheat. But they must hurry! After all, very soon the wheat will ripen and Sam and Sue need to make flour for pizza fr

Unboxing Amazing Poopsie Surprise Llama | D.I.Y Slime

The long-awaited unboxing - Poopsie Surprise Llama! Poopsie Surprise llama is the adorable llama with 20 surprises! Look at her cosmic eyes! We hope y

How To Make Cardboard Toy Bus

Sammy made a bet with the guys across the street that he had the power to shrink a school bus! Sammy told them about the mini-oven and the giant Kinde

Barbie VS L.O.L. Dolls | Amazing Transformation!

WE ARE WAITING FOR AN AMAZING TRANSFORMATION!????‍♀️✨ Sam and Sue love all kinds of dolls, especially Barbie and L.O.L. dolls! They constantly ...

Amazing Decorating Idea | Shelf From Cardboard

Sammy and Sue are very tired. They had a big and very exhausting house cleaning! However, Sam cheated a little and forgot to clean the dressing table,
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