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International delivers breaking news from across the globe, updated every 3 hours.

Follow the Breaking News with Pictures and information on what is happening around the World. Most of the news articles come attached with an image, you will never get bored reading on it.

We are among the first in world to reports on latest events and Top News across the globes online. Follow any recent Politics changes around the world with journals and Opinions from worldwide. Keeps updated with the Business news which covered major topics on global financial and economic changes.

Attention Sports fans: Football: You can get the latest Champion Leagues, UEFA, FIFA news updates and results here. NBA: For NBA basketball fanatics can find their favorites team and players’ news update here. Want to be up to date on new Movies, TV Shows and Music album? Well, you came to the right place.

For those who love to read Celebrities‘ gossips and Entertainment news from Hollywood and everywhere, here will definitely be your best source! When you are living abroad and want to stay in touch with all the news related to what you call HOME, don’t miss out on here! We have news from most of the regions and major cities around the world. — From Asia to America, Europe, Australia and Africa and Arabic region.

Good news for Tech Savvy: We always keep you updated with latest Science and Technology development. You can also find latest mobile and apps released announcement from here. We have all kinds of Lifestyle articles to keep you informed: From Health to Property, Automotive and ,Fashions trends ,Boys and Girls “STUFF”, we got all news that you need.

Let’s talk about Games: You like Angry Bird, Counter Strike, Resident Evil and all the other popular games?We will keep you on your gaming-toes with reviews and articles

Looking for online Videos to make you laugh, to inspire you or just want to enjoy the Music Videos? You can browse it all here

You will surely be amazed by ALL the Travel Photos, beautiful scenery to images of Pets here. For frequent travelers we provide comprehensive Travel news.

Don’t miss out everything for your reading here.


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