Always Live with an Ambition, Because Once we Lost it, We’re Sightless and Losing our Direction in Life

Always Live with an Ambition, Because Once we Lost it, We’re Sightless and Losing our Direction in Life

 Daily Poetry by Author Jan Jansen - Always Live with an Ambition, Because Once we Lost it, We're Sightless and Losing our Direction in Life

We all will be extremely happy if we can pursuits our dream with the opportunity available, and our heart also are satisfied with it because we’ve found the available options to do it, there’s nothing better like that in life.
Practically everyone ever encounter with those moments when we’re totally being apathetic and like to be alone to unwind ourselves, but after awhile we are happy when we are no longer alone.
Once our internal battery is recharged, we can be excited to enjoy all the events around us, in which others also benefits from our behaviors in these activities.
Once we charged our body with a brand new energy, this give us an inspiration for new ideas that may be useful for anyone who really need it.
Our aspirations which are encouraged by excessive energy can give us the opportunity to think clearly with our mind.
A cow will never be able to catch a hare, so in finality we do not lose time and our objective can be set up at anywhere else.
This impulse us to set a target for things which is interests us, and it will give inspiration about what we should possess to raise our ambition to succeed it.
Remain positive invariably, so even if the things goes wrong, our mind will not give a disappointing insight on something and thereby we may lose the purpose, but continue to strive to achieve it.
So we will not be blind and lose direction in life because of losing the ambition by negative inspirations in mind, always remains optimistic and hopeful for everything.

I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,
author Jan Jansen

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Together We should Always bring Joy to the World.

Together We should Always bring Joy to the World

The year is almost over and everyone have their new wishes and prosperity for the new year .
December is a relax month with many holiday and Christmas decorations can be seen in everywhere, so it is fun for everyone.
Children waiting for Santa Claus and enjoy their school holiday, this is a month of the year when everyone are all happy.
When family members gather together, old problem often can be resolved among each other, so there is non stop of joy between them.
If every month can have this joyous mood then people are happier and more understanding with each other, because everyone is in a festive mood.
We all had good moments and setbacks over the past year, as we have learned our lessons to do it better next year.
Anyone can be a Santa Claus and buy expensive gifts for others, but those are only temporary moments, because we cannot buy respect for life.
So it is better we can be in good mood throughout the year and be kind to everyone, trying to help others and if we can not offer assistance,  then we should treat them with respect.
The joy of bringing together costs nothing and make us all become merry when we are making more laughter than crying.
So everyone will be happy with it and we all can get happiness together if we are able begin to appreciate life more and treat each other with respect.
Everyone wants to be properly approached, so do we, right?
So if we now make a start with ourselves, then all that will have certain impact on world peace thus everybody on earth will have less anxious and stress moment.
Let’s bring joy to the world , and start each day with our best smile.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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